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Celebrating Your Diet Success: 3 Delicious Yet Healthy Treats to Reward Yourself

So your diet has been at least a short-term success, and like any good dieter, you are eager to reward yourself with a delicious-yet-healthy treat for all your hard work in successfully dieting. While a reward now and again is always a good idea to keep yourself motivated to do well on your diet, you have to make sure not to hook yourself once more on addictive and unhealthy foods. In order to evade such a possible hazard, be sure to reward yourself only with foods that do not go against the health-integrity of your diet. If you know what to look for, you can be assured also of eating treats that are delicious while not adding to your waistline.

1. Roasted Seeds

Roasted seeds are a healthy alternative to snacks like chips, nuts or pretzels, which can be addictive because you are prone to just relentlessly pop them in your mouth one after another. So if you are looking for a healthy treat that you can snack along to, just roast some seeds that you may save after you eat foods like pumpkins or cantaloupes. All you do is soak the seeds in cold water to ensure separation of the membranes from the seeds. Next, after drying and draining the seeds, spread them on a cookie sheet that has had some olive oil drizzled on it. Add some spices like pepper, garlic powder or cayenne pepper (no salt) for taste. Place it in the oven for 15 minutes at 350 degrees Fahrenheit, and you are good to go.

2. Trail Mix

It's almost a cliche to list trail mix because of how predictable it is, but trail mix is delicious and healthy, too, making it a perfect way to reward yourself for your diet success. Not just for hikers and backpackers anymore, trail mix has been expanded as a way for people looking for a snack to enable them to eat healthily. Thus, it makes for another ideal way that you can reward yourself with a treat for your diet success. Composed primarily of nuts like almonds and fruits like dried apricots and dark raisins, trail mix has a decent amount of flavor also, mainly because of the fruit component. Surprisingly, trail mix can be addictive, too, especially if you happen to munch on them while watching TV.

3. Vegetables with dip

Overlooked because of its mundaneness, vegetables with dip makes for an effective, low-calorie and healthy snack. It is the final delicious-yet-healthy treat that you can reward yourself with after some short-term success with your diet. Any vegetable will do, but the most popular choices are carrots, cucumbers or celery that you can easily cut into dipping-sized sticks. For the dip portion of this healthy treat, choose something as simple as onion soup mix that you ought to then combine with some fat-free sour cream. Make sure the dip is not something unhealthy like salsa or the like.

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