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Calculating Calories Burned From Your Exercise Routine

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The amount of calories burned from your exercise routine depends on the duration and intensity of the exercise, as well as on your weight. Once you find out this amount you can increase it for weight loss or decrease it, in order to gain some pounds. For a greater precision, you are recommended to keep a diary to write down all the physical activities performed throughout the day.

Types of Physical Activities

There are three types of physical activities, each of them including several types of exercises. The numbers indicate the calories burned by a 120-pound person over a period of 30 minutes. These values can vary for each person, depending on the intensity of the exercise. In order to get individualized values, you need to use one of the many online calorie calculators.

Gym and Home Activities

  • Aerobics - 115 to 288
  • Bicycling, Stationary - 202 to 302
  • Rowing, Stationary - 202 to 245
  • Weight Lifting - 86 to 173
  • Stair Step Machine - 173

Training Activities

  • Basketball - 230
  • Bicycling - 230 to 288
  • Football - 230 to 259
  • Golf - 101 to 158
  • Gymnastics - 115
  • Handball - 346
  • Hiking - 173
  • Ice Skating - 202
  • Walking - 115 to 173
  • Running - 230 to 475
  • Tennis - 202
  • Swimming - 173
  • Voleyball - 115 to 230

Daily Life Activities

  • Housecleaning - 101
  • Gardening - 130
  • Mowing Lawn - 130 to 158
  • Shoveling Snow - 173

    Each and every one of these activities will help you burn calories at a certain rate. By increasing the intensity of calisthenics and of other types of exercises, you manage to burn calories faster. However, it is better to focus on moderate intensity exercises performed periodically, rather than on high intensity activities performed infrequently. In order to find out how many calories you burn while performing a physical activity for a certain period of time, you need to use a calorie calculator.

    Other Benefits of Physical Exercising

    By performing physical activities you do more than just burning calories. Physical activities can also:

    • Regulate blood pressure
    • Control blood cholesterol levels
    • Decrease anxiety and depression levels
    • Increase the resistance of bones
    • Improve balance
    • Boost muscular strength and flexibility
    • Increase self-esteem

    Blood pressure and cholesterol are tightly related to overweight, and so are the calories. Regular physical exercises will help you to maintain an overall good health.

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