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Are 'Easy Diets' Ever Effective?

Easy diets are often appealing, especially if your life is demanding and there is little time for meal planning. However, what is easy for one person may not be so for another. When a diet is advertised as easy, it's important to peel back the layers and see if the diet is truly the best and healthiest choice for you personally.

What Constitutes an Easy Diet

In a fast-paced society, quick and easy is a common goal. Your life is full; there is so much to do and so little time to do it all. When it comes to dieting, easy might mean eating the same foods repeatedly. The lack of variety makes it easy to plan and prepare food. Easy might mean that you're dealing with reduced calories and skipping meals. The fewer meals you have to eat, the less time you have to put into shopping and cooking.

Another example of an easy diet is one where you cut out entire food groups. This is attractive because it relieves you of decision-making. For example, you know that all carbs are out. You don't have to take the time to choose between whole grains or white bread. No carbs means no time wasted on thinking and deciding.

For this matter, some people prefer liquid diets. Liquid meals are often considered easy diets because there is nothing to prepare, nothing to think about and virtually no time is needed to prepare or eat your meals.

The Effectiveness of Easy Diets

People do lose weight on so-called easy diets. If you drink all of your meals and consume very little in the way of calories each day, you will lose weight. If you cut out all fats and keep your daily caloric intake low, you will see the pounds come off. In that respect, you can consider easy diets as an effective means for losing weight.

How long can you maintain such a diet plan? The challenge with such diets and the reason they are often not effective in the long run is that they do not help you to establish healthy eating patterns. A very low-calorie diet or a weight loss plan that does not teach you to make healthy food choices on a regular basis can often work to your disadvantage in the long run. It is common for people who go on low-calorie diets to engage in binge eating after such a restrictive diet.

Redefining Easy Diets

If your goal is to lose weight and keep it off long-term, the best approach is to develop healthy eating patterns. This involves learning about nutrition and what constitutes a well-balanced meal. When your food choices include a large variety of nutritious foods, you will feel healthier and more energetic. Avoiding easy diets that make you feel deprived and fatigued will help you in the long run. With informed food choices, moderate calorie consumption and regular exercise, you will see the pounds come off across the weeks and months, and find that healthy dieting is possible.

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