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4 Reasons Your Yo Yo Diet is Causing Daily Stress

If your yo yo diet is causing you stress, it may be time for a new diet with permanent weight loss as its goal. Yo yo dieting often involves extreme caloric restriction and fewer nutrients, leading to fatigue and possible health issues. The pattern of yo yo dieting can leave you feeling depressed and deprived. It is also common for yo yo diets to result in decreased metabolism and increased muscle loss.

1. Not Enough Nutrition

Yo yo dieting is often associated with going on diets that have little in common with your usual eating patterns. This may be a fad diet that advocates elimination of one or more food groups. It may be a diet that promises extreme weight loss, provided you drink all of your meals. It may be a diet where you cut your caloric intake to less than half of what you normally consume in a day. All of these types of diets have the potential to rob you of essential nutrients.

To eliminate your stress, consider transforming the way you think about weight loss and dieting. You will still achieve your weight loss goals while on a nutritious diet that supplies an adequate number of calories. The results will not occur overnight, or in a week, but with patience and persistence, the pounds will come off. You will also emerge with a body that is not only leaner, but also healthier.

2. Deprivation and Depression

The outcome of a yo yo diet approach is often a feeling of depression and deprivation. This is especially the case if food has been a source of comfort for you in the past. Having to cut out your favorite treats or to eliminate snacking altogether might deprive you of the simple joys in life. The solution in this case is to include low-calorie, low-fat snacks in your diet. Through this strategy, you will still reach your weight loss goals; it might take longer, but you will establish healthier snacking patterns that you can sustain long-term.

3. A Slower Metabolism

The types of diets that yo yo dieters are drawn to, the quick results approach, often lead to a slowing of the metabolism. In this scenario, you are eating much less than you normally eat, so your body likens the experience to that of a famine. As a survival mechanism, your body burns up fewer calories on your new extremely low-calorie diet. The outcome is that you do not lose as much weight as you would like. Furthermore, when you return to eating normally, your new slower metabolism contributes to greater weight gain. This is true even if you are not overeating, which is one more argument for avoiding the yo yo diet.

4. Muscle Loss

Another component of a yo yo diet approach is potential muscle loss. Extremely low calorie diets can create situations where your body metabolizes your muscles for energy. You do not want muscle loss when dieting; muscles help to accelerate your metabolism to burn fat.

A healthier approach than the stressful yo yo diet is a lifestyle that involves well-balanced meals, adequate daily exercise, sufficient rest and mechanisms for lowering your stress to decrease the likelihood of emotional eating.


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