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3 Reasons Fighting Obesity Starts at Home

Fighting obesity starts at home because you spend most of your time at home anyway. Many of the habit-forming patterns and routines that enshrine your obesity and condemn you to a life of obesity begin from right in your own home, whether it is your attitude to eating or your attitude to exercising. Obesity is so serious that it can be considered a medical condition where excessive fat has accumulated in such a way that it may affect your health adversely. The Body Mass Index (BMI) is the criteria which defines people as obese or pre-obese, and it does this based on determining if your body weight index is in between 25 kilograms per square meter to 30 kilograms per square meter (overweight), or beyond 30 kilograms per square meter, which is obese.

1. Eating Right

At home is where you usually eat the most of your meals in any given day, week or month, so it makes a world of sense to begin adjusting your eating habits at home in order to fight obesity. If you train yourself at home to eat a certain way, you will also be conditioned enough that when you eat outside, you will not be surrendering to the temptations to overeat. One thing you can do at home is to eat all your meals slower; this will also automatically result in you consuming less food, thus equaling smaller portion sizes that you consume for meals. Slowing down your eating speed is super-effective because you only get about 20 minutes from when you begin a meal until your intestine signals your brain that you are full. This signal will end up coming; it's just a matter of the 20 minutes. Therefore, if you eat less in that time span, you will gain less weight than if you eat quickly and eat more food in that frame of time.

2. Exercise

From your home, you can also begin an exercise regimen that will be key in your battle against obesity. You can do small things that don't have to feel or even look like hard or strenuous forms of exercise. This will make it also likelier that you will keep your dedication to your exercise routine. In example, you can purchase equipment like a stairmaster or a home gym, which you can set up at home and use in a multitude of ways to get exercise in without going to a gym or paying for a gym membership.

3. Shopping Right

Before you can eat right, you have to buy foods that are conducive to a healthy diet, and you should do this by being very observant of the kinds of food you buy at your supermarket or grocery store. Be certain to spend just a little bit more time investigating exactly what the nutritional information says on the back of many foods. Try to pick foods that are low in calories, carbohydrates and potentially noxious elements like sodium (if eaten to excess). Make it a point to buy healthier versions of foods like pasta, getting only whole grain pasta, in example. If your fridge and cupboards at home are filled with healthier foods, chances are you'll also eat healthier.

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