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What Muscle Toning Equiptment Works Best?

Muscle toning equipment is very important for toning and shaping the body. Different kinds of equipment focus on different parts of the body. One of the best things about the various types of muscle toning equipment available is that they offer people unique workouts. They also allow you to challenge yourself and make you stronger. Following are some of the best of muscle toning equipment available to give your body a complete workout.

Bench Press Machine

This machine is the best when it comes to developing the pectoral muscles, a large muscle group that is located in the chest. They extend across the chest from the armpits, to the sternum and right to the collar bone. Pectoral muscles are generally prominent in men. Developing these muscles is important in body building. The bench press machine also helps in development of other muscle groups like the serratus anterior, triceps and anterior deltoids.

Free Weights

Free weights are one of the most essential muscle toning equipment in almost all workouts. Free weights allow you to improve power and strength with different kinds of workouts. You can use different weights to increase or decrease the intensity of the workout. Start off with a set of weights that is challenging, but ensure that you complete the entire workout with it

Abdominal Bench

The abdominal bench is an excellent piece of muscle toning equipment if you want to tone the core muscles in your abdomen. These muscles are located in the front of the body between your ribs and pelvis. Ensuring this muscle group is fit is necessary, as it supports the trunk of the body. The abdominal bench helps to develop and tone both the lower and upper abdominal muscles. It also helps to tone the oblique muscle. This is the outermost and largest of the three flat muscles found in the lower abdomen.

Leg Weights and Resistance Bands

Leg weights are ideal for toning the buttocks, thighs and calves during aerobic exercises. With added resistance, they can help to increase muscle strength in the legs. If you can't use leg weights, then resistance bands are an excellent alternative. Rubber bands can add resistance to all kinds of movements. These bands can be used to create resistance when lifting your legs so that the muscles have to work harder. Resistance bands are convenient, small and light and can be carried anywhere you go.

Fitness Ball

This is an oversized plastic ball that's excellent for fitness and muscle toning. It provides the body with an intense workout by creating imbalance for users. For instance, the core muscles have to work very hard if you lie on the fitness ball to perform a chest press. A fitness ball creates challenging movements that work all the muscles in the body.

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