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Toning Up with Hand Grips

Toning up by using hand grips is something that is getting more popular these days. Hand grips can best be thought of as portable exercise equipment that have a lever function on them and that you have to squeeze repeatedly for them to be effective. They work on strengthening your arm power and muscles, and this depends on how many times you squeeze them. People who are active in certain sports like weightlifting and basketball use hand grips in order to maximize their capability of excelling in their sports of choice. Since quite a few sports rely on high lower arm power, using hand grips is an effective way to help you build up this power.


The way that hand grips primarily tone your forearms and hands is by way of using resistance, the concept at work behind hand grips. Each time you take hand grips into your grasp and begin squeezing them, the lever device provides the resistance to your normal and natural squeezing action. The power of the grip of your hands is based on both the muscle as well as the bone density of your muscles as they try and grip objects. Once you develop a stronger grip by the resistance provided each time you squeeze the hand grips, you are able to apply this stronger grip to lots of other areas and activities.


If you participate in sports like basketball or weightlifting, then you can expect to see beneficial results stemming from practicing with hand grips. In basketball, a more powerful grip will let you do something called "palming" the basketball, which is conducive to you being able to increase your shooting range, passing ability and also your ball control. As it relates to weightlifting, a more powerful hand grip will let you lift larger weights. Having a stronger hand grip will also permit you to do more repetitions for various weightlifting exercises, and this is primarily due to the fact that you can hang on to the weight longer, thanks to the increased power from the hand grip exercises.

Martial Arts

Toning up with hand grips can even lead to better performance when you are exercising through martial arts. This increased performance will manifest itself in both better offensive and defensive performance. Delivering punches will be more powerful, and your hand will also gain the benefit of better protection from each impact. Defensively, toning up your hands by way of hand grips can lead to you being able to break the grip of a sparring opponent with more effectiveness. If you are active in martial arts competitions, having stronger hands due to your work with hand grips may even help you win some matches.

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