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How Beach Towels Enhance Your Workouts

Starting a workout regimen can be overwhelming when it seems like you need to spend hundreds of dollars on workout equipment, but what if all you needed was a cheap beach towel? Beach towel workouts are a fun alternative to summers spent in the gym or in front of the TV--you can get outside, enjoy the sun, and get a workout all at the same time!


Where to Use Beach Towels in Your Workout

Beach towels are a fun way to get in some exercise at the beach. Everyone wants to stay fit for summer, but no one wants to sit inside at the gym every day. With a beach towel, you can work out in the sand and go for a cooling swim after. The beach provides a great place to work out, since sand is uneven territory. It's harder for your body to stay balanced on constantly shifting ground, and you will notice the great effect it has on your muscles.

Another place for a beach towel workout is your hotel room. If you're traveling, it's not always easy to find a place to continue your workout regimen, especially if your gym doesn't have centers nationwide, or if the weather where you are doesn't allow for running outside. Just be sure to pack a beach towel in your luggage, and you can exercise every day from the comfort of your hotel room. How great of a workout is that? It doesn't even require you to pack special equipment!

Using Beach Towels for a Better Workout

When you're working out, beach towels add an element of resistance. If you've ever used a resistance band, the effect you get from working out with a beach towel is similar. You can use it during yoga workouts to pull you deeper into poses, force your muscles to resist you pulling on them, or keep body parts steady as you go further into a pose. Doing a tree pose is a good example of how to do this--if you pull the towel above your head with both hands, it creates resistance in your arms, shoulders and back, toning those muscles even more as you work on your balance.

Towels also help with plyometric exercises, such as jumps. Having the towel rolled up on the ground provides a consistent measure of how far you should jump when you are jumping back and forth during an exercise. Having the towel rolled up also ensures that you jump the same distance every time--after all, if you don't, you'll land on the towel! Moving quickly and definitively is the key in plyometric exercises; not only will you be toning your muscles, you'll be elevating your heart rate and getting an aerobic workout in as well.

Beach towels are a fun tool to have in your workout arsenal. Next time you head to the beach or pack for a trip, remember to stick a beach towel in your bag. You'll be able to squeeze in a quick, fun workout and feel great all day.

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