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Boost Your Confidence: Slim and Tone to Your Ideal Body

When you slim and tone your body, you boost your confidence while improving your health. With more muscle, your metabolism will improve because muscle burns more calories than fat. People with a more toned body often have better posture and experience a quicker recovery time when injured. For women, the menstrual cycle is less problematic if the body is more toned. Slimmer people tend to sleep better and snore less. Here are some ways to trim down and tone up in a safe, effective and efficient manner.

Changing Food Choices

Some foods contribute to weight gain and fat production more than others. Even if you're eating the right amount of calories, you may be sabotaging your efforts to lose the pounds. One of the keys to facilitating body slimming and losing belly fat involves cleansing the colon and restoring the body's balance of friendly bacteria. Too much sugar, white flour and other processed foods can lead to an excess of yeast, which can cause bloating and difficulty losing weight.

To slim down and support immediate toning, doing a cleanse for 7 to 30 days can really help. That would mean choosing quinoa, amaranth or buckwheat over any other grain, and avoiding all processed sugar and even fructose. It would also mean eating vegetables at every meal to help give the colon a good cleaning. Limit dairy to one serving per day if you have to eat it at all. It can even be beneficial to limit fruit to whole fruits and 2 servings per day, as fruit juice can feed the yeast and unfriendly bacteria in the body. Choose lean meats and supplement with a whole foods vitamin that includes antioxidants and minerals. Choose healthy fats from avocado, ghee, raw nuts and seeds.

Calorie Counting

While relying on calorie counting as the only means of dieting is not the best idea, calorie counting at the beginning of a lifestyle change can help you learn the best amounts of food to eat for your body. It's best to still eat the foods you'd normally eat if they're healthy, versus following a prescribed menu plan. It's also important to include foods that you love, even if they're high in calories and fat, but to limit the portion or the frequency of those foods. You can make small adjustments, such as choosing a small piece of dark chocolate versus a whole bar of milk chocolate.

When trying to build muscle, it's very important to get enough calories so that your metabolism stays active. Even a person who is 5 feet tall shouldn't eat less than 1,200 calories a day, and most people need between 1,400 and 2,000 calories a day.

The Importance of Exercise

Exercise is key to creating a body that looks and feels great. A combination of aerobic exercise and weight lifting will bring the best results. You can combine the two by doing a circuit of weights where you go through the entire weight selection with one set of repetitions, moving quickly from machine to machine, and then repeat the circuit once or twice more. Adding in ab exercises that address the lower and side ab muscles can yield immediate results.

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