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Is Yoga Stretching Key to Toning?

Yoga stretching is a great way to prepare your body for your favorite toning exercises. With an emphasis on proper body alignment and conscious breathing yoga stretching can make toning easier and quicker, by helping you focus on your body position while doing your toning exercises, and reminding you to breathe through the exercises and not hold your breath.


Before beginning any type of strenuous exercise, you should stretch out your muscles to warm them up in order to prevent injury. Yoga stretching provides a gradual easing into the stretching poses, which in turn eases you into the proper physical state to tone your muscles. Yoga stretching has been around for centuries and has been proven to improve flexibility by loosening up the muscles before everything from running to dance aerobics.


Holding your breath is the most common mistake that everyone sometimes makes when exercising. Yoga emphasizes controlled conscious breathing. Doing yoga to warm up will help you keep in mind to breathe as you exercise, even through the most difficult exertions. In order to know how to breathe properly, either take an instructor led class in person or online, or use an instructor led DVD.


Making sure that your body is properly aligned (for example, keeping your front heel in line with your back heel when you go into warrior pose) is the second most important part of doing yoga stretching. As with breathing, if you focus on alignment during your warmup, it will be much easier to pay attention to the position of your shoulders and keep them from becoming hunched up before or while you are doing a biceps curl.


In addition to the above benefits from yoga stretching that make toning easier, yoga actually provides muscle toning in its own right. By lengthening your muscles with yoga stretching, your body will acquire a leaner, more toned appearance from the better posture it creates, almost without your even realizing it. Yoga does this by making you more aware of your posture and helping you to breathe more freely and deeply, which will let more oxygen get to your working muscles.


Yoga stretching and toning work well together to provide an all around exercise program. The positioning of the body and the focus on breathing during yoga stretching prepares your muscles to work more efficiently during toning exercises. This effective combination helps your body to work smarter, not harder, in order to provide you with bigger benefits than either would on their own.

Yoga stretching can prepare your body for your chosen toning regimen and give you a great foundation of proper breath control and body positioning to make your exercise program a success. Learn yoga stretching by attending class or viewing DVDs, and then you will be ready to start toning your way to a healthier, stronger you.

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