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Benefits of Back Stretches

Stretching is a crucial component of any workout routine. Stretches warm up the body and help you avoid injuries during workouts. Back stretches in particular are beneficial to people of all ages. Here are a few ways that back stretches can benefit you and improve your overall physical fitness.

Prevents Pain

Back stretches help to loosen the back muscles and prevent tears and other injuries. Stretching also helps to lengthen the muscles and reduce the amount of pressure placed on the spine. Good stretching exercises can improve poor posture and relieve chronic back pain.

Increases Flexibility

Stretches can increase flexibility and range of motion around the joints. After stretching, you may noticed increased mobility in the hip and back area. It can also help to prevent the joints from degenerating.

Improves Circulation

When you stretch, you relieve tension in the muscles. This allows more oxygen to flow to the muscles and improves circulation.

Reduces Stress Level

By eliminating tension in the back, stretches can drastically reduce your overall stress level. Since stress is a contributing factor to most chronic illnesses, it can also improve your overall health.

Improves Focus and Concentration

Pain and tension can be a big distraction. Therefore, when the body is relieved of tension it's easier to concentrate on tasks at work and at home. Stretching can help you improve your focus and mental clarity and help in all aspects of your life.

Makes Breathing Easier

Stretching elongates and opens up the body. Back stretches can open up your chest and allow you to breathe easier.

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