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Why You Should Be Targeting Muscle Groups when Weight Lifting

If you are a member of a gym or otherwise spend time working out and improving your fitness with weight training, you've likely heard about the importance of targeting different muscle groups. Muscle groups are sets of muscles that are related in some way. For instance, the muscles of a particular part or section of the body are usually classified as one muscle group. There are a number of reasons why it's important to target specific muscle groups in order to best benefit your results when you're weight lifting.

Getting a Holistic Workout

When many people think of weight lifting, they picture a few iconic exercises. These may include the bicep curl, the squat, the bench press, and a few others. While these are all important exercises and useful tools for building up muscles in your body, they are not holistic. This means that they will not work out the entirety of your body as you do them. In order to get a solid and complete work out for the various parts of your body, you'll need to complete a wide variety of different exercises that target different muscle groups. Only then will you have properly worked out the full range of muscles in your body.

Building Strength Evenly

It's very common for people to work out their stomach muscles through exercises like sit ups or crunches, as well as a variety of other weight training exercises. However, like all sets of muscles in the body, the stomach muscles have a corresponding set of muscles that must be built up as well in order to have symmetrical strength throughout the body. In the case of your stomach core muscles, the corresponding muscle group is the back muscles. Without strong back muscles, you'll limit the extent to which you can build up your stomach muscles. The same can be said for virtually any other muscle group in the body; without building up the corresponding group as well, you prevent yourself from achieving maximum results.


On a potentially more vain approach, one of the main reasons to target different muscle groups is for appearance purposes. If you specifically target only a few muscle groups in your body, you'll develop those muscles and increase their size and form dramatically. However, without building up the other groups around them, you'll minimize the general health benefits that you can attain, including weight loss and muscle size development. For this reason, weight lifters and body builders at all levels recommend working out specific muscle groups and ensuring that you maximize the range of muscles that you target in order to come up with the best physique you are able to.

For more information about how to work out specific muscle groups and which groups you should target on a more consistent basis, speak with a trainer or a gym representative. He or she can help you develop a workout routine that would be the most effective for your body and your workout goals.

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