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Understanding Surfing for Fitness

Surfing can be very beneficial to your body. Used as a fun way to switch up your workout routine, the activity works several muscle groups, helps improve your core strength, improves your flexibility and range of motion and assists you as you try to lead a healthy lifestyle. Essentially, a surfing class (which can be taken at a gym) takes all the elements of actual surfing and brings it right into the gym to help you tone your muscles and improve your strength. Here is how it can help you.

Using Surf Class to Improve Fitness

Most surfers are incredibly toned and do not have bulky bodies. Rather, they stay trim which makes it easier to move in the water. This is a goal that you should keep in mind when using surfing as well. When you take a class that focuses on surfing moves, you're likely going to start by doing core exercises. One of these core exercises will usually involve laying on the ground as though you are laying on a surfboard. From there, you'll have to get off the ground quickly as if you're catching a wave. This exercise works your arms as well as the muscles in and around your abdominal area. By strengthening your core, you can help to avoid back injuries in the future and also give yourself a solid foundation to strengthen other parts of your body. Surf classes can also greatly improve the strength in your shoulder muscles. You'll typically do a lot of shoulder rotations that help improve the range of motion in your shoulder and also build up your shoulder muscles. Your arms will benefit as well and should become toned over time.

Surfing for Cardio

Outside of just strengthening muscles throughout your body, surfing can be a great way to improve your endurance and get your heart rate going. Surfers are constantly moving. Whether they're paddling out to a wave, jumping up onto their boards or just swimming to stay afloat, they are constantly in motion. A surfing class will mimic these movements and get your heart rate going by keeping the class fast-paced and fresh. And by using these surfing movements, you can keep your body active and keep yourself in shape.

Benefits of Surfing

When used in conjunction with other types of exercise, surfing can help you to improve your health and fitness. Typically, just a few surfing classes at the gym should have you working out muscles that you don't normally work on your own or in other classes. The constant movement can help you lose weight, tone your muscles and help you avoid more serious diseases like heart disease. By using surfing, you can turn working out into a fun activity that puts a little more energy into your normal exercise routine. Remember to eat healthy and get enough rest to make surfing for fitness as beneficial as possible for you and your body. It'll make surfing a great cardio exercise for staying fit.

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