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How Firming and Building Muscles Can Aid in Willpower and Self Control

Building muscles and toning your body has more than just physical benefits. It can also aid you with willpower and self control that will not only benefit you in a diet, but can also help you in your everyday life.

Building Muscles as a Goal

Achieving your ultimate weight loss goal is going to take a lot of time and effort. But, finishing your resistance training for the day is an easily achievable goal. Being able to accomplish this every day is a great motivator. Knowing that you have done something to improve your body makes it less likely that you are going to spoil your diet. You will be able to see junk food not as a treat, but as the number of repetitions you'll have to make to burn it off, and this will help you to refrain from eating it.

Learning how to pace yourself will also help you to hone your willpower and self control. You'll have to break the big goal of building lean muscle into daily exercises and weekly targets, and learn how to help yourself achieve those targets through gradual and consistent work. This kind of self knowledge and control can then be applied to other areas of your life.

Building Muscles Helps Your Brain

There have been numerous studies which have linked exercise with improved brain function and protection. Increasing your muscle mass not only improves blood flow while you are exercising, it also improves your circulation when you are at rest. This can improve your concentration and cognitive (ability to think or reason) skill, and help you to keep your goals even if your instinct is to ignore them for the day.

It can also help to relieve stress. Stress can easily disrupt your self control by putting pressure on you, mentally and physically, which can lead you to indulge yourself. Weight training exercises are a great stress relief, and having a lean, strong body will make you more resistant to stress as well.

Muscles Make Everything Easier

When you build lean muscle mass, you improve your strength, your energy levels and your circulation. This makes even the smallest movements, like getting out of bed in the morning, easier to make. The easier exercise and daily life is, the easier it is for you to have self control when something is difficult, because you won't feel like you've already put in enough effort and deserve a break.

Lean muscle also improves your immune system, and makes you much less likely to injure yourself during exercise or even during daily activities. Injury or sickness can easily destroy your willpower, interrupting your good habits and making them difficult to reestablish. Building lean muscle will help to ensure that your habits won't be interrupted, so you can establish them and maintain them with less self control needed.


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