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The Importance of Stretching when Triathlon Training

If you participate in triathlon training, stretching is one of the most important things that you need to do to make sure that your body is operating properly. People who just engage in running, biking or swimming may tend to skip stretching because it doesn't seem necessary. After all, you're already getting a good workout by doing your exercise, so stretching just seems to be something that takes up time. The truth is that stretching can improve your triathlon training and give you an advantage over those who do not stretch.

Why Stretching Matters

Training for a triathlon isn't easy. It requires your muscles to endure many repetitive motions. Fortunately, stretching can help you through this. Every time you stretch the muscles in your body you are helping them become more elastic. This will make you more flexible over time. Flexibility is key during a triathlon for a number of reasons. First, your muscles are prone to tightening up during a triathlon because of the repetitive motions that you put it through. If you have more elasticity and flexibility in your muscles, they'll tighten up less frequently. In most cases, you won't feel any tightness until after the race. Flexibility is also important for your shoulder muscles, which, when flexible, have a greater range of motion and can propel you forward more quickly.

Protecting Your Muscles

Outside of gaining flexibility and elasticity in your muscles, stretching is important because triathlon training is something that takes times. Over time, you build up your endurance and learn how to run farther, swim longer and cycle faster. Stretching allows your muscles to stay in peak form. Without stretching, you put yourself at risk for muscle pulls, tears and cramps during training. All of these could set you back to square one when it comes to triathlon training. Stretching out properly before and after training sessions preps your muscles for the challenges that await. Stretching is very important in all phases of triathlon training.

If you are thinking about training for a triathlon, it may be helpful to learn the proper stretching techniques. It can help prevent muscles from tightening up and prevent injury. By taking the time to stretch, your muscles will be flexible enough to handle anything that you throw at them during your training sessions. It will also help you make the most of your triathlon training.

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