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Proper Weight Training for Triathlons

Triathlons are race competitions that require participants to complete three long-distance events, which are swimming, cycling and running. Since the sporting events primarily test one’s muscle power and stamina, triathletes need to have proper training to achieve success.

Training for Triathlons

Training or exercising for triathlons is different compared to training for other forms of sports. While the goal of exercising in most other cases is limited to keeping fit, losing body fat and making the body flexible, exercising for triathlons includes some additional goals. The main objectives of triathlon training are strength building and increasing stamina.

All three events of a triathlon are activities that consume a lot of energy, and at a very fast rate. Therefore, you should choose exercises that can help build strength as well as increase stamina and flexibility of body parts. Generally, weight training is performed for purposes such as increasing muscle size, shaping up the body and losing body fat. If you are doing weight training as a preparation for a triathlon, none of these will be your primary goal. Instead, you should choose weight training activities that can help strengthen your muscles.

Training Diet

Needless to say, when you are training for triathlons, you should also take care of your diet. The diet should include a lot of proteins, which can help strengthen your muscles. You should also consume ample amount of minerals and vitamins to keep your body healthy. These should be taken in addition to your regular doses of carbohydrate, fat and fiber.

You will be losing a lot of moisture from your body through perspiration during triathlon exercises. So, you have to make sure that you drink a lot of water or other fluids to maintain the right body fluid level. Body cells die when moisture levels go beyond a certain level. As such, it is important to consume fluids at regular intervals during the exercises and at other times too.

Timing and Equipment

Choosing a proper set of equipment for weight training is also important. Faulty equipments may not give the desired result. The timing for triathlon weight training is also different compared to the timing for other sports training. Triathlon events require you to perform physical activities over extended periods of time, and therefore, the durations of your exercises should be longer. However, you should make sure that you take periodic breaks in between your exercises. The intensity of the exercises should be spread evenly throughout the duration of the training.

In a triathlon event, cycling and running events are held after swimming. Swimming requires strength in the arms more than other body parts, and cycling and running use leg muscles more than arm muscles. You can program your weight training sessions in a similar order, doing exercises that put strain on the arms first, followed by those that strengthen the thighs.

Importance of Exercise Regime

Triathlons are challenging events that require strength, endurance and skill. As the sport is extremely physical, you need proper and moderated physical exercising, such as weight training, to do well in races. So, you should follow a properly programmed exercise regime to enhance your stamina and strengthen the specific muscles that are most frequently used during triathlon events.

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