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Medicine Ball Exercises: 4 Sports It Can Be Applied to

The medicine ball is a fitness tool that can be applied to a range of sports. Because the medicine ball helps promote core strength, often through a full body workout, many athletes can benefit by this type of training.


Frequently golfers complain about back pain. This occurs because golf requires some of the lowest amount of fitness levels compared to other sports. Often golfers fail to have the necessary core strength to prevent back pain. Due to the movement of the golf swing, which requires a high-velocity rotation from a standing potion and the constant load of golfer’s body weight upon only one side of the body, golfing requires excellent core stability and leg and hip strength to prevent injuries. All of these muscles can be strengthened through a medicine ball workout.


When baseball players throw a ball, especially after quickly changing directions, they need reactive muscles to help provide power. A medicine ball full body workout helps a baseball player build explosive power and teaches all the muscles of the body to work together as one integrated unit. This will help a baseball player retain their power and agility while changing direction or when throwing off balance.


The sport of tennis requires an athlete to have a body that is agile, strong and well balanced. This sport constantly changes directions, forcing the athlete to constantly switch her movements. To be able to effectively handle these movement changes, a tennis player requires a strong core.

When applied to a tennis serve, a medicine ball exercise will provide the athlete with stronger hip flexors, glutes, lower back muscles, hip rotators and abductors. These will help supply the player with a more powerful serve.

In regards to a forehand or backhand, by completing torso twist with a medicine ball, which mimics the rotation of these shots, the athlete will teach numerous muscles to have the same firing pattern. Much like with a baseball player, this motion will help teach the body to function more efficiently and powerfully as an integrated unit.


A medicine ball workout is excellent for soccer for numerous reasons. Soccer players perform in an environment that is constantly thrown off balance. With the ongoing tripping and kicking from the opponent, a soccer player must learn to maintain agility on an unsteady surface. A medicine ball workout will help strengthen the core muscles of the body, which will help the player maintain power and stability despite the ever change environment.

Furthermore, by mimicking the motion of a throw-in with a medicine ball, a soccer player can teach the muscles of the upper body along with the core to work together as one unit. By using a weighted ball, the soccer player will build up her strength for this motion.

Consider incorporating a medicine ball workout into your strength training regiment if you perform any of the above sports. A medicine ball workout helps strengthen your core, teaches muscle groups to perform together, which increases power and agility, and it provides your body with a whole body workout.

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