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How to Balance Triathlon Training with Life

If you have a full-time job, a family and a host of other activities that demand your attention and consume you everyday, you may not think that triathlon training is for you. But training yourself for what could be the biggest race of your life isn't impossible. If you are determined enough to do it, you can balance triathlon training with your life and get the best results possible. You just need to follow some simple steps to make sure that you're balancing the components of your life.

Evaluate Your Life

Before you start your first day of training, take a look at your life and make sure that you can fully commit to a triathlon. If you're about to go through a busy few months at work, now might not be the best time to train. Triathlons are held at many times throughout the year, depending on your location. So if you're not ready to train right now for the next triathlon, odds are that there will be another event held in the near future. 

Partner Up

The best way to balance your life with training is to find a family member, friend, husband, wife, boyfriend, etc. who wants to train with you. Exercising with someone will not only give you the motivation you need to keep training, but it will also be a good way to find a balance between your life and your triathlon training. Once you start training, you can also find ways to keep your family involved. Invite them to watch your races and include them in some of your swimming and cycling adventures. It's a great way to keep your family connected with what you're doing.

Don't Neglect Family

If your family is not involved with your triathlon training at all, there's no need to worry. There are plenty of other ways to make sure you don't neglect them as you train. Instead of bringing them along, buy a treadmill so that you can workout at home. Invite them along to the gym when you hit the pool or the stationary bike. And, most importantly, plan your training sessions at times that won't interfere with your quality time with them. For instance, try hitting the gym on your lunch break or immediately after work, so that your training doesn't interrupt your life.

Be Realistic

Rather than devoting every waking second to training, make sure that you consider your other obligations. If you become too obsessed with your triathlon training, you run the risk of overtraining your body and doing more harm than good to yourself. You can prevent this by training in moderation, eating a healthy meal with your family every night and getting to bed at a reasonable time.

The success of your triathlon training is all about finding the right balance between working out and living the rest of your life. When you find the right balance, you can do your best during your triathlon and know that you did everything you could to keep the rest of your life going, too.

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