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Your Daily Workout Regimen: Are You Staying On Track?

Staying on track with your daily workout regimen often requires planning and reflection. When the demands of life become too hectic, it is sometimes easy to let exercise go by the wayside. To stay on track with your workout regimen, create an exercise plan, outline your health and fitness goals, and include weekly reflection time to assess your consistency.

Sticking to a workout regimen also requires diligence. This is especially true if you have a demanding job, extensive household responsibilities, young children and/or aging relatives to look after. Exercise, in these cases, is often relegated to the bottom of the to-do list. Prioritizing your workout regimen will actually decrease your stress levels, energize you and give you the stamina that you need to meet the other demands in your life.

Choosing a Fitness Activity

When outlining your workout plan, consider a few factors. The most important question is: what types of fitness activities do you enjoy? Be sure to choose forms of exercise on a regular basis that do not feel like a chore. If you are choosing between riding your bike through scenic hills and riding your stationery bike at home, for example, choose the option that makes you feel alive. The likelihood that you will stick to your workout regimen is greater if you actually enjoy the fitness activity.

Determining Workout Frequency

When lives get busy, it is easy to cross exercise off the list and move on to the most urgent tasks. When creating your exercise plan, take this into consideration. How much time can you reasonably commit to a workout regimen? How many days a week can you schedule in time for exercise? The plan you create should be realistic. When you think through these factors, you might realize that time spent watching television or browsing the web can be replaced with exercise. Make sure that the fitness plan you create outlines the number of days and duration of your exercise.

Outlining Your Fitness Goals

Your exercise plan might also include your specific fitness goals. Are you trying to gain muscle, burn off fat, build flexibility, increase heart health or a combination of these benefits? Writing out what you hope to gain from your daily workout regimen will help you to achieve your goals.

Reflecting on Your Workout Regimen

Now that you have created a detailed plan for your workout regimen, determine how often you will check in with yourself to assess your progress. You might decide that every Sunday you will look back on the prior week to gauge your consistency. If necessary, you might check in with yourself at the end of each day. Create a log where you can check off the type of exercise you engaged in that day, how much time you spent and whether you are seeing the outcomes you envisioned. Reflecting back in this manner is usually helpful for keeping exercise a priority in your life.




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