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Working Out with Friends: 3 Fun Partner Exercises

Working out with friends can make exercising a lot more fun. You'll also find it easier to find the motivation to work out if you know that your partner is counting on you to be there.

1. V-Sit Ball Pass Rotation

You'll need a lightweight exercise ball for this one. Both of you should sit facing one another on a firm, non-slippery surface such as a gym mat, two yoga mats or a smooth area of grass. Press your toes together (keeping your heels on the ground) and keep your knees slightly bent. One of you should be holding the ball at chest height with one hand on each side of the ball.

You'll be acting like each other's mirror when working out with a friend on this exercise. The person with the ball should bring the ball down to the ground on one side, turning the core of her body as she does. However, her head should still be facing her partner. The partner should mimic this movement, even without a ball.

Next, the person with the ball should bring the ball across her legs to the ground on the opposite side, again with her partner mimicking her movements. The ball-holder should then bring the ball back up in front of her chest as her partner brings his hands to his chest. The ball-holder should then push the ball forward, tossing it to her partner, who should catch it and repeat the whole process. Perform this exercise for about one minute.

2. Tubing Mid-Row

When working out with a friend, intertwine two pairs of exercise tubing for this exercise. To perform the mid-row, you should each grab one set of handles and walk as far from each other as you can while holding the tubing taut but not stretched. Keep your feet and hands apart at about waist-length. Both of you should then get into the squat position, keeping your core and upper body as straight as possible.

Holding the squat position, you should both pull on the tubing, bringing your arms toward your chests at the same time. Hold for a few seconds and then slowly bring your hands to their starting positions. Repeat for one to two sets of eight to twelve reps each.

3. Tubing External Rotation

This time you'll need only one set of exercise tubing, even when working out with your friend. The two of you should stand about two feet apart, side by side and facing in the same direction (not at each other). Each of you should grab one handle on the tubing with your outermost arm. Place your elbows at a 90-degree angle against the side of your body so that you're not stretching the tubing.

At the same time, stretch the tubing out by straightening your elbows so that your arms stick out away from your body as far as they will go. Hold for a few seconds and then slowly bring your elbows back to your body. Repeat for one set of eight to twenty reps and then turn around so you can each work on the opposite arm.


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