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Winter Exercise Activities: Skiing the Pounds Off

As far as exercise activities go, in the winter at least, skiing is one of the best ways that a person can lose weight. Skiing involves what is essentially a cardio workout, given the intensity of the activity, whether it is in rapid downhill skiing or just in more relaxed cross-country skiing. An advantage to using the sport of skiing as a way of losing weight is that you will not likely look at this as a strict workout routine. The reason is due to how much fun skiing is. Unless you want to stay inside all winter long and exercise using a stair climber, skiing is a great way to get fresh air while also doing something healthy for your body.

Blaze Your Own Trail

Whenever you go skiing, there are usually paths already created for you, whether they are part of an actual ski course or just the result of skiers who got there before you and created the path themselves. To really use skiing as a way to burn those pesky pounds right off, consider doing something in conjunction with skiing. Don't just ski to shed those pounds; think about actually blazing your own trail. Look for ungroomed sections no matter what you're doing, whether it is cross-country skiing or downhill skiing. Blazing your own trail will cause you to work your body harder, thereby also having the resulting effect of burning more calories. As a neat little bonus, skiing those new trails will treat you to better views of the wildlife and more scenic areas.

Take a Skiing Class

Classes abound that mix the traditional aspects of instructing you how to ski with the newer emphasis on getting you to lose weight by way of this exercise activity. The best place to find such classes is at most any ski club in your local area. These classes are ideal for getting you to limber up, too, usually through a lot of stretching activities along with different exercises that you can perform right on your skis. The psychological aspects of taking a skiing class are also beneficial because you get two things right off the bat. One, you have a certified instructor who can speed you to weight loss, along with the emotional support of fellow class-takers who are also in the same boat with you of trying to lose weight.

Incorporate Strength Training

If you incorporate a measure of strength training into your skiing exercise activities, you stand to benefit from the building of your lean muscle. When you use weights to build your muscles, especially in your legs, you are in fact improving your skiing stamina because you'll be able to ski longer on the trails. You also become stronger in your legs, which, again, works to improve your stamina. Fit in a few sessions of strength training every week in between your normal skiing activity.

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