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Why Running Outdoors Can Help you Enjoy Exercise

Running is a great way to enjoy exercise because of all the benefits that it provides. There are a few different ways to run for fitness which include using a treadmill, running in a gym and traversing the outdoors. While all forms of running can offer an incentive to workout, running outdoors is one of the most beneficial. Not only does your body get an opportunity to work with the natural progression of difficulty on an afternoon run, but it also provides quite a few pleasures that will keep you coming back for more.

Plenty of Fresh Air

Being able to take deep breaths of fresh air while on your run has a natural ability to raise your mood and elevate your senses. This will leave you invigorated and your head feeling refreshed after a long run, even if the run was tough. The lungs get a great workout and the extra fresh air really helps to cleanse any toxins out of your body.

Clear Your Mind

When it is just you and your MP3 player and you don’t have to worry about everyone else around you, it’s easier to “get in the zone” by putting your troubling thoughts away for awhile. Being able to free your mind of worries while having a little fun with your imagination during a run can get pretty addictive.

Experience New Places

Another way to enjoy exercise while running outside is to find new places you can run. If you are used to running around your immediate neighborhood, consider hitting up some trails at a local park or a hilly area with grass. From trail running to jogging along a lake, changing up your atmosphere can do wonders for the way you feel about working out.

Time to Spend with Friends

Making a plan to go jogging with friends gives you something to look forward to throughout the week, which makes it all that much easier to tie your shoe laces and head outside. Talking about the latest shows, music or gossip helps to pass the time and keep you occupied while pounding the pavement.

You Can Run a Marathon

Running outdoors is a great way to train for a marathon of any size, whether it’s a 5K, half marathon or full marathon. Training for an event like a marathon helps to keep things lively and interesting because there are goals set in place. And being able to finish a race only gives you more motivation to keep up your exercise routine.

Keep up with the Kids

Chasing the kids around all day is exercise, and it’s a tiring workout at that. If you keep a running regimen, even if it’s a modest two times a week, you’ll find that you can more effectively keep up with the kids during play time, meal time, cranky time and any other time during the day.


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