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Why It Is Important to Focus on Breathing While Running

If you are running on a regular basis, you should understand the importance of proper breathing while running. Running does not only involve the movements of the physical body; it also tests the limits of your respiratory system. If you are able to apply the right breathing techniques while you are running, you will see significant improvement in your performance.

Your Respiratory System

The main function of your respiratory system is to transport oxygen to various parts of your body so that your organs and muscles can function efficiently to sustain your life and support your physical movements. When you are engaging in physically demanding activities, such as running, your muscles have to work harder to enable your body to perform the required movements. They will need more oxygen to do the extra work. Your respiratory system will respond by delivering more oxygen to your muscles through the bloodstream. To meet the increased need for oxygen, your lungs have to work harder to take in more oxygen from the air, and this is the reason why you have difficulty catching your breath when you are running.

Why You Need to Focus on Breathing

If you know how to breathe properly while running, you can improve your body’s ability to transport oxygen to your muscles. A consistent breathing pattern will increase your endurance, and it will help you breathe more comfortably while you are running. As such, you will be able to run longer distances. Proper breathing while running will also make it easier for you to maintain a consistent pace, and you do not have to overexert yourself to cover your desired distance. Overexertion can result in injuries.

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