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What is the S Factor Fitness Class?

The S factor is a popular pole dancing and striptease physical regime designed for women who are looking for a new type of workout.  The regimen combines ballet, yoga and striptease to enhance physical fitness as well as confidence and empowerment in women.

How was the S Factor Created?

The S factor is the creation of Sheila Kelley, an actress, author, filmmaker and dancer. After learning to pole dance and perform striptease for an acting role, she realized the positive effects it had on her body. Kelley, a classically-trained dancer, then decided to combine exotic dancing with her knowledge of ballet, yoga, Pilates and exercise to create a workout for women. Her idea was to create a workout that not only made women physical fit, but enabled them to be confident and comfortable with their sexuality.


S Factor offers a wide variety of classes from which to choose. Introductory classes offer basic instruction on the components of S Factor. Single classes are available for those looking for help in the specific areas of pole dancing and fitness. The most popular option is the eight-week series, which guides participants through all disciplines of the S Factor with once-a-week, two-hour classes. If you're a little embarrassed about performing S Factor-style moves in front of others, private lessons are also available. You can throw and S Factor party as well.


S Factor classes are located at studios across the country. Current locations include New York City; Costa Mesa, CA; Encino; CA; Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, and Houston. However, S Factor goes on tour during the year, bringing classes to areas where it is not yet available.

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