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What is Stamina Pilates?

In a general conversation about the fitness art of Pilates, it might not be uncommon to hear about stamina pilates. This form of exercise is a way to improve muscle tone, extend range of motion, burn fat, and generally contribute to a holistic wellness.

Stamina Pilates: A Philosophy

To some who are involved in crafting Pilates sessions, the idea of “stamina pilates” might revolve around adding cardio exercises or other similar activities to this fitness art that is traditionally more focused on a subtler workout. Classic Pilates involves a lot of body positioning. It contributes to balance, poise, flexibility and range of motion, but it often neglects the kinds of “power exercises” that elevate a heart rate.

Some trainers involved in pilates are trying to change this tendency by adding specific exercises and activities that test the body's “stamina” and elevate the heart rate. With these kinds of sessions, fitness participants can know that they are getting cardio training into their routine.

The Stamina Company

A company known as Stamina Products has been producing Pilates gear for quite a while. In many fitness circles, this company has become synonymous with the concept of “Stamina Pilates” and this can cause some confusion between trainers and others who are talking about different kinds of Pilates work.

One major product of the Stamina Products company is a range of “Pilates reformer” machines. In conventional Pilates, the reformer is a machine that adds tools such as braces, straps or cables in order to provide more diverse training in a Pilates session. Stamina Pilates reformers provide for activities that elevate the heart rate. Because these machines tend to include aerobic activities that lead users more toward cardio training, part of the product line is called Stamina Aeropilates gear.

The innovative Stamina Aeropilates machine line includes lots of interesting tools for more aerobics and cardio training in Pilates. These reformers may include trampolines, resistance bands or other elastic elements that help individual users train harder to develop the core and other muscle groups.

Talking about Stamina Pilates

When you're presenting information on a pilates routine and the gear that is conventionally used, it's a good idea to keep in mind how the Stamina Products company has become part of the contemporary fitness lexicon. Professionals who are putting together pilates themed presentations can benefit from getting very specific about presenting a fitness philosophy separately from talking about the equipment that may be used to attain it.

Understanding the main uses of the term “stamina Pilates” will help a trainer or other coach to stay on the cutting edge of what’s happening with new fitness technology right now and in the immediate future. It's worth looking at the specific value that this kind of Pilates philosophy brings to the table for extending how Pilates enthusiasts are able to practice good fitness for quality of life and longevity.

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