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What Is American Power Yoga?

American Power Yoga combines traditional yoga practices along with a twist, including music and strength-building exercises. Participants enjoy modified sessions that incorporate a livelier pace, which still provides all of the classic benefits of yoga.

The American Difference

One of the exclusive differences that the American Power Yoga system incorporates lies within the actual temperature of the practice room. Rather than cranking the heat up to unbearable amounts, the American practice dials the temperate to about 85 degrees. Participants remain at a warm temperature rather than becoming hot and tired quickly.

The warm-up method of each practice is another key difference between the American genre versus many traditional styles. The class takes part in a Tai Chi-inspired stretching and exercising mini circuit in order to completely loosen muscles and reduce injury. During the rest of the yoga session, participants face new and traditional poses familiar to other yoga types.

One of the slightly modified traditional pieces in each American Power Yoga class involves the use of a unique breathing practice commonly used in Tibetan Kung Fu. The concentrated breathing techniques work to generate energy, positivity and peace which stay with participants during the rest of their daily routine.

Other Objectives

The American Power Yoga practice helps increase strength by incorporating unique poses and held postures within each session. Some stretches require the guidance of a partner in order to fully target key muscle groups. Other segments of the classes require mind-clearing drills that have a more independent style opposed to the group stretching.

Rather than keeping things quiet and completely serene, music helps classes move along at a more lively pace. This significantly differs from many traditional yoga styles that primarily strive for independent collectiveness through the mind and body. The classes leave some segments open to modification as well, giving more advanced participants the opportunity to excel and beginners a chance to learn.

Like many traditional yoga varieties, American Power Yoga does work to increase mind clarity with the goal of achieving peace. Many participants find these segments of most yoga classes to deliver less of a physical workout, but in principle, these parts of the yoga class work to connect both the mind and body in order to achieve a better sense of self and overall serenity.

American Power Yoga Benefits

Participants enjoy the modern upgrades incorporated in the American-based yoga practice that target more physical-based objectives. For example, many drills in the classes help increase both muscle flexibility and strength. Rather than strictly limiting physical activity to simply increasing blood circulation and releasing muscle stress, many techniques within these new classes will cause muscle contractions that help build new healthy muscle tissue.

While these new techniques do make the American Power Yoga method unique, participants have the ability to gain many other traditional benefits found in other yoga styles. In essence, this new system attempts to combine the best of the old with the best of the new.


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