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Using Pedometers for Exercise Motivation

Pedometers are a type of exercise equipment that are used to track the total distance traveled by foot each day. Pedometers are often used by individuals who want to lose weight, but are also a great choice for those simply interested in getting more active. For best results, be sure to start by programming your pedometer correctly.

Set the Pedometer Correctly

One of the most important steps when it comes to using pedometers for exercise motivation is to make sure that you have set the pedometer correctly. This is essential for making sure not only that you are getting the correct data when it comes to determining how far you have walked, but it also helps you to track your total calories burned, which is often one of the main reasons why people choose to use a pedometer in the first place. Read the instructions on the pedometer closely in order to achieve optimal results when it comes to programming. If you have concerns about your ability to set your pedometer, consult with a gym employee or personal trainer. Typically, these individuals should have no difficulty ensuring that your pedometer is programmed correctly.

Start Exercising

The next step when it comes to using a pedometer for exercise motivation is to actually begin an exercise program. This can be the most challenging part for some people. Remember that in order to work properly, a pedometer should be placed over your hip--and therefore, only exercises that require you to move your hip should be practiced when using a pedometer. Great examples of exercise that can coincide well with the use of a pedometer include walking, jogging, hiking, and even using an elliptical machine. No matter what mode of exercise you choose, be sure to start slowly and gradually build your intensity. This will help to prevent against possible athletic injury and reduce the chances of boredom during exercise.

Read and Track Your Results

It is also important that you read and track your results when using a pedometer for exercise motivation. After each exercise session, be sure to record your total distance traveled and calories burned. As with setting the pedometer, consult with a professional if you are not able to accurately read this information.

Set a Goal for Yourself

Finally, be sure to set a goal for yourself while using a pedometer for exercise motivation. Don't do this immediately--use the pedometer for a week or two in order to get an idea of what you can reasonably do before deciding what you would like to build up to. Your goals can include increasing total distance traveled or increasing the amount of calories burned for weight loss. No matter your goal, be sure to start with something that you can easily achieve, and then reward yourself once you achieve this goal. Continue setting small goals for yourself, until you finally reach your long-term goal. This way, the process of getting to that last goal won't seem so challenging.

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