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Twenty-Three Exercise Motivation Tips to Get You Sweating Today

Exercise motivation can be hard to come by, especially if you're just starting out or have been out of the game for a while. Even if your motivation has fallen by the wayside, there are many other reasons to keep your exercise mojo going:

Finding Your Workout Mojo

Motivation is essential to staying in shape and meeting your fitness goals. Everyone goes through a slump or hits a wall with their goals. It's how you handle it that can make the difference between meeting your goals or backsliding to your previous habits.

The "Right" Reasons

You know the reasons you should workout and you've likely taken those into consideration. It's time to bring those back into play when working on your motivation. By exercising, you can increase the likelihood that you will:

  • Live longer
  • Lower your risk of health conditions
  • Set a good example for those around you
  • Take better care of yourself

The Real Reasons

As much as the right reasons are great and keep you obligated to the accepted standards of exercises, the reality is that for you it may all come down to how you want to look and what other people think of you. It's not bad to admit there's vanity involved. In fact, acknowledging it can help you feel more powerful and give you a boost when you're looking for anything to get you going. Exercising can be used to:

  • Achieve sexy abs/butt/arms/etc.
  • Impress a new love
  • Rekindle the romance with your partner
  • Attract the opposite sex
  • Impress your new co-worker
  • Make your friends envious

The Personal Reasons

You likely have personal reasons that get you motivated to workout. Whether you share them with others or keep them to yourself, try making these reasons the most important.

  • To save my life
  • To fight depression
  • To avoid a heart attack
  • To get my diabetes under control
  • To make me feel sexy again
  • To find myself
  • To make 'me' time

Tips to Keep it Going

Whatever your reasons for working out, if you don't keep them screaming right in your face, you're never going to make it to the gym. Here are a few quick tips to get you out the door. When you take the actions required to keep you from losing your motivation you will find more success and get to your goals faster.

  • Post your reasons all over the house where you will see them throughout the day.
  • Get a workout buddy.
  • Write your workout into your schedule.
  • Ask your family for support, even if that means they push you out the door.
  • Make it a family affair and come up with great exercise activities the whole family can do.
  • Give yourself small rewards. A new dress, a pedicure at the day spa, etc.

Exercise motivation can be an elusive creature sometimes, but you can get back in the gym with solid reasons and some tips and tricks to remember those reasons in a slump. Make sure you stick with your motivation tools and you'll start seeing the results you want. As the results come, your motivation will automatically increase to bring more results which gets you closer to your goal.

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