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The Importance of Putting On Cover Ups after Working Out

Cover ups should be used after a workout to keep the body warm and prevent you from catching a cold. Cover ups should be included among your training clothes, so pack some hoodies or towels when you go to the gym. Your post exercise routine is important and may influence the long-term results of your workout plan. Catching a cold after exercising may disable you for a few days and you will not be able to exercise.

Reasons to Use Cover Ups after Exercise

Cover ups should be a part of your post exercise routine to prevent the heat from leaving your body. While you exercise, your body will have a constant temperature, but after you stop, your body will rapidly lose heat and you may even experience hypothermia and catch a cold if you fail to cover up.

The cover ups should be used both prior to taking a shower and also after a shower, until your body reaches a normal temperature and a steady heart rate.

Cover Ups

The most common type of cover ups include:

  • Larger towels that will cover your upper body
  • A warmer jacket or a hoodie.

Some warm socks may be needed, along with a hat. A hat is important if you intend to go outdoors after your workout and it is colder. The body loses a lot of heat through the head and you can easily catch a cold.

It’s imperative that the cover ups you use are dry and warm; avoid synthetic materials; cotton is preferable.


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