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The Best Flexibility Equipment for a Tight Budget

It's important to stay flexible, and many athletes use flexibility equipment during training. Flexible muscles increase performance in a variety of sports and help prevent injury. Flexibility exercises can be performed every day to get maximum results, or they can be performed as part of a warmup routine prior to exercising. There is an abundance of flexibility equipment available, but a lot of it is expensive. There are other options for flexibility equipment that can be within the range of your budget.

Skipping Rope

A skipping rope is a cheap piece of equipment that can be bought. It gives you a cardiovascular workout as well as increasing your flexibility. Skipping helps warm up a variety of muscles. Warming up muscles causes blood capillaries to expand, therefore increasing the flow of oxygen to muscles. Muscles become more flexible. Areas that are a focus of this type of exercise are the wrists and forearms. Skipping ropes are used by a variety of athletes, such as boxers. A weighted jump rope can be bought to increase the intensity of the workout. Techniques used include jumping with both feet, jumping with one foot or alternating between feet. Increase the intensity of the workout by doing two rotations of the rope for each jump.

Small Weights

Small weights are inexpensive but can increase flexibility. Small dumbbells can be bought to increase strength in the wrists and fingers, as well as improve flexibility in your joints.

Medicine Ball

Medicine balls are cheap and are a useful piece of fitness equipment. Medicine balls with stretch bands have increased benefits. This is a valuable piece of equipment, as a variety of exercises can be performed on the medicine ball which increase flexibility in many different joints. A medicine ball will not put stress on your joints, and is therefore a safe way to exercise.

Stretching Straps

Stretching straps are an inexpensive piece of equipment that can allow you to perform flexibility exercises without the assistance of a partner. The stretching strap increases the range of motion that your muscles can be extended through. Put your hands through the loop to perform range of exercises that stretch muscles such as hamstrings, triceps and calves.

Foam Rollers

A foam roller is a circular piece of foam. Half round foam rollers should be used by beginners. Once you have used the half round foam roller successfully, progress to the round foam roller. It increases the flexibility of muscles and tendons as well as reducing scar tissue. Using your body weight on the foam roller, you can increase your blood flow and circulation.

Fitness DVD

Fitness DVDs are not expensive and can show you many different methods of performing flexibility exercises. This will provide variety in your routine. It is essential to know how to perform flexibility exercises correctly, as this prevents injuries.

Yoga Mat

A yoga mat is the only piece of equipment essential to practice yoga. Yoga is a valuable activity to perform in order to improve flexibility. The variety of yoga positions can stretch and strengthen different muscles in your body. This ensures that you get the most out of a flexibility workout.

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