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The Benefits of Exergaming for Adults

Exergaming is simply the idea that video games should have a physical activity component. New technology makes this possible, and helps in revolutionizing the way we think of video gaming. Where video gaming used to be seen as a sedentary activity, exergaming helps to make video games healthier and promotes daily physical activity and even focused fitness training through the video game console.

Origins of Exergaming

In the late 80s, exergaming could have been called an idea whose time had not yet come. Consoles like the Atari 2600 and contemporary Nintendo system offered their respective exergaming activities, which did not receive overwhelming consumer support.

Flash forward to today, where the new Nintendo Wii console is providing many families and individuals with video gaming that includes fitness training and physical activity components, and Sony PlayStation and others are also cashing in on the enormous appeal of exergaming to today's consumer audience.

Benefits of Exergaming for Adults

The average life of today's adult citizen is a hectic one. In between commuting, providing for kids and managing a complicated personal and household financial system, it often seems that too many of us have no time for managing a fitness schedule. Many tend to lose control of their physical condition in terms of motivation, because dealing with a grueling physical training regimen seems beyond their capacity.

Exergaming as a kind of "virtual reality fitness" alleviates some of the problems of motivation for many individuals. Those who like to see fun and diversion in a fitness routine can do so with exergaming, where neat graphic interfaces and fun activities make fitness a lot more entertaining. Instead of sitting down and switching on the TV after work, the adult user can derive entertainment value from an exergaming console and work out at the same time.

Another exergaming benefit for adults has to do with "family time" - this aspect of exergaming has not gone unnoticed from those who are selling these video gaming consoles, but it's not without a certain amount of truth. We want to spend time with our families, so why not do it in a way that promotes good fitness and overall health benefits? Exergaming consoles can allow parents and others to "multi-task" in interacting with family members while simultaneously developing their body capacity through physical activity.

Will Exergaming Work for You?

A lot of the appeal of exergaming is in "playing along" with pre-designed fitness activities. This appeals more to some fitness participants than to others. If you are the type who likes to follow along with activities rather than do the work of deciphering paper fitness instructions and developing your own programs, exergaming may be the solution for you. However, a lot of those who work out like the idea of crafting their own fitness programs, and may feel more comfortable with traditional fitness equipment. Also, the kind of intense power workout many get at the gym with weight machines and ellipticals can be harder to attain with exergaming. Take a look at the features of various contemporary exergaming consoles and see whether these options are appealing to you.

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