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The 3 Manliest Work Out Routines

Work out routines come in all shapes and sizes these days, and they work for a whole range of people from all ages and sizes. However, if you are a manly man and self-conscious of the types of workouts that you are getting yourself into, it may be time to only pursue workouts that are suitable for your level of machismo.

If a manly workout is on your testosterone-filled mind, then using little, tiny steps with risers as you would in step aerobics probably is not what you have in mind. Here is a list of the three manliest workout routines for you.

1. Chain Dips

Just the name of this manly workout routine already sounds like a macho guy's workout, so you know that it means business. Popularized by pro bodybuilder Branch Warren, chain dips are not for beginners and may even require the use of a spotter for your safety. You should use chains that weigh anywhere from 10 pounds to 20 pounds, and you must wear them around your neck like jewelry when you begin chain dips.

With the chains around your neck, you begin your dips, which consist of holding your breath while descending and then finally exhaling as you push yourself upwards (while keeping your chest out and your legs behind you). The benefit of this exercise is that it works your neck extensor muscles.

2. Zercher Squats

If you want to look like a tough guy, engage in Zercher Squats. While doing this exercise looks really cool and impressive, it hurts like heck because of the variation on traditional squats. Traditional squats involve you using a barbell across your trapezius muscle of your upper back and then squatting (and then finally rising again). Zercher Squats actually demand that you place the bar not across your upper back as usual, but in the crook of your arms, which means on the inside of the elbow. If you can survive the painfulness of this manly workout, then you are a true warrior.

3. Parking Lot Lunges

Made popular by one Ronnie Coleman some years back, parking lot lunges are really an extreme form of exercise, but on the upside, they really make you look like the manliest of men. These parking lot lunges involve you carrying a pretty heavy weight across your back--sometimes reaching almost 200 pounds--and then lunging up and down any parking lot that you happen to find.

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