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Techniques for Proper Breathing While Running

It is important that you learn how to do proper breathing while running. It is a common belief that success in running is dependent on the right movements of the legs and arms, but breathing techniques can also contribute significantly to your ability to run well. If you can inhale a lot of oxygen without compromising your running efficiency, you will have a huge advantage over runners who struggle to breathe properly.

Running Out of Breath

It is natural for you to get out of breath when you are running. Your body relies on oxygen to operate, and your muscles will need more oxygen when you are performing strenuous activities. When you are running, your body has to deliver a constant supply of oxygen to your muscles so that they can provide the strength and energy that is required to keep you running. As such, your lungs have to work extra hard to absorb more oxygen from the air, and this is the reason why you will get out of breath while you are running. If you want to test the limits of your respiratory system, you can do the “talk test”. Start by running at a pace that allows you to breathe easily. You should be able to converse comfortably with your running companions. Then, run a little faster and try to converse again. If you are unable to converse comfortably, you are probably going too fast.

Proper Breathing Techniques

If you are able to properly breathe while running, you can improve your endurance and run longer distances. The right breathing techniques will help your body deliver oxygen to your muscles more efficiently, and this will in turn make you feel more comfortable when you are running.

Breathe Through the Mouth

Under normal circumstances, it is natural for you to breathe through your nose. However, when you are running, you should use your mouth to breathe instead. If you breathe through your mouth, you can take in more oxygen as well as release more carbon dioxide. This is the best way to supply adequate amounts of oxygen to your muscles.

Breathe from the Belly

When you are running you should not be breathing from your chest. To get more oxygen into your system, you have to breathe from your belly. You can lie down and practice breathing from the belly when you are at home and then apply the same breathing technique when you are running.

Short and Shallow Breaths

The best way to breathe while you are running is to take short and shallow breaths. You will not be able to run far if you are constantly taking long and deep breaths. However, if you have difficulty breathing while you are running up a steep slope, a few long breaths can help you regain your breathing rhythm.

Breathe in Rhythm

It is important to breathe in rhythm while you are running. You should inhale and exhale at a consistent rate, no matter how fast or slow you are running. One way to check whether you are breathing in rhythm is to count your steps when you are running. You can inhale or exhale once every 2 steps or once every 3 steps.


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