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Spot Training for Your Butt

Spot training can help you get the tight and toned backside you want. The following exercises can help slim the all important butt muscles.


Lunges are a great spot training exercise you can do for your butt. Allow enough room to step out safely. Choose a dumbbell weight that will challenge you without straining your muscles. Once you have completed one set of 12 repetitions, you should feel tired. If are not tired after 12 reps, you need to use heavier weights.

To begin, stand with your feet shoulder width apart while holding dumbbells. Hold the dumbbells down by your sides or up on top of your shoulders. Step forward with one foot while the other foot comes up on your toes. Push off with your front foot to bring your feet parallel again. This was one repetition. Repeat with the other foot. Continue alternating with each foot 12 times to complete a set. Work toward completing three sets of 12 repetitions.

Make sure you can see the toes of the working foot. If your lunging knee covers your toes, you can cause damage to your knee. If you're doing lunges for the first time, remember not to come up too high on your back toes. After you adjust to the balancing act required to perform a lunge, you can rise higher on your back toes. If you have difficulty balancing, try it without the weights. If you still have trouble balancing, place a chair in front of you and rest your hands on it. Remember to keep your back knee soft as you come out of the lunge. This will help prevent damage to your knee. 


Stand with your toes pointed forward and your legs a little wider than your shoulders. You can rest your hands lightly on a table or chair if you feel unsteady. Keep your upper body straight as you bend your knees. Stop the squat when your thighs are parallel to the floor. Push your heels into the floor as you squeeze your butt and thighs to straighten your legs. You have performed one repetition. Repeat 12 times and work up to doing three sets of 12 reps each.

To increase the difficulty of squats, perform them while holding dumbbells lightly on the tops of your shoulders. A variation of the squat is to do them in the plie position. The only difference is that you turn your toes out to the sides in the ballet plie position. A further variation is to perform the plie squats on your toes to increase the difficulty.

Do not lock your knees when you come up from the squat. Do not let your knees go past your toes when you squat.

Safety Tips

  • Keep your upper body straight
  • Keep your abdominal muscles pulled in
  • Remember to breathe

Lunges and squats are the quickest and most effective form of spot training to shape and tone your butt muscles. If you add weight resistance to these powerful exercises, you will see even faster results.



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