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Need More Challenge? 3 Ways to Intensify Your Workouts

When your workouts start to become boring, try increasing the intensity of your training. Set some new goals, then make changes to your training program to help you achieve them. Consider increasing the duration of your workouts, which will help to ratchet up the intensity. While you want to push yourself during a training session, do not workout so hard that you suffer an injury. Gradually intensify your workouts, and then when you find yourself becoming bored again, set some more new challenging goals.

1. Circuit Weight Training

If you are an avid weightlifter, you can increase the intensity of your weight training workout by adding a circuit training session. Circuit training involves performing a weightlifting exercise for a period of time, such as one minute, and then moving on to another exercise with little to no rest. Try to design a circuit training workout that hits all of your major muscle groups.

As you begin your circuit training workout, make sure to either use a watch or keep an eye on a clock. Perform each exercise for one minute, and then move on to another lift. For example, do some barbell curls for one minute, and then switch to the bench press. Make sure to use strict form as you perform each lift, to increase the intensity of the workout.

2. Two-a-Days

Many athletes workout twice each day, which helps to intensify their training. You may want to run a couple of miles in the morning, and then lift some weights in the late afternoon or evening. Try to do a two-a-day session at least one time each week, or more if you want to further increase the intensity of your exercise program.

Once you run in the morning, try to give your legs the rest of the day off by lifting weights only with your upper body during your second workout. Be sure to get proper nutrition, if you find that you are low on energy before you start your second training session. As you become accustomed to performing two-a-days, you can adjust both your diet and your workouts, to help you increase the intensity of your training.

3. Partner Training

Working out with a partner who is at slightly advanced level will push you, especially if you are competitive by nature. It does not matter if you run, swim or train with weights, working out with a partner can help you to increase your training intensity. If you are able to find a workout partner that is slightly more fit than you are, they should be able to motivate you to achieve your goals.

If your workout partner is only available to train with you on certain days, try to find more than one partner. For example, you may want to train with one partner for running, and a different partner for weightlifting. Set a schedule with your training partners, and remember to be flexible, in case one or both of them have difficulty working out with you on a certain day.

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