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Medicine Ball: 5 Reach Exercises

The medicine ball is something you have probably seen lying around the gym, potentially unused. This ball is an excellent tool that helps improve dynamic flexibility and range of motion. Medicine balls can be used to create a total body workout that helps lengthen, tone and strengthen muscles. Below is a list of reaching exercise for the medicine ball.

Front Reach

To begin this exercise, stand with feet hip-width apart while holding a medicine ball in front of you at your belly button. Hold the ball with both hands. Slowly step forward about two feet with your left foot. Lean forward, keeping a straight back, and extend arms to touch your left foot. Return to the starting position and repeat with your right leg. Complete 10 repetitions.

Side Reach

Begin this exercise by standing with feet hip-width apart with hands holding a medicine ball in front of you at belly button level. Step your left foot out laterally, or to the left side, about one foot. When you plant your foot, slightly rotate your foot out towards the left. Your feet should still be in a parallel line. At the same time that you step out to the left, rotate your torso and extend your arms out and down towards your left foot. Aim to keep your back straight.  Return to the starting position and then repeat with your right foot to complete one repetition. Complete 10 repetitions.

Rear Reach

Start this reach with a medicine ball in both hands and your feet hip-width apart. Step your left foot backwards 180 to 90 degrees. You will want to keep your right foot pointing forward. Slowly twist your torso in the direction of your left foot and bend over to touch your left foot with the medicine ball. Pull yourself back upright and return back to starting position. Repeat with your right leg for one repetition. Complete 10 repetitions.

Upper Reach

Start this exercise by lying on your back with your legs stretched up towards the ceiling, hips bent to a 90-degree angle. You will hold the medicine ball with both hands at your chest. Slowly reach the medicine ball upwards towards your outstretched feet. Hold this position for two seconds then return to your starting position. If this is too difficult, instead of having your legs straight, try bending your knees. Complete 10 repetitions.


This reach is similar to the upper reach, but slightly more challenging. You will want to begin this exercise by lying on your back with your feet outstretched on the floor and your arms stretched over your head, holding a medicine ball. Your body should be in a straight line and your ankles, knees and thighs should be touching. Now, contract your abdominal muscles and slowly raise your arms up over your head while you raise your legs up. Your body should form the letter V. Hold for two seconds and then return to the starting position. Complete 10 repetitions. 

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