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Martial Arts Lessons: How Practicing Can Help You Lose Weight

The fighting arts that are represented in typical martial arts lessons can be quite the aid in helping you to lose weight. Martial arts are a codified structure of the traditions and practices of combat. Their objective is straightforward: to either defend yourself from all surrounding physical threats, or to defeat every other person in your immediate vicinity. In some forms of martial arts, belief systems like Buddhism, Hinduism or Daoism are a big part of the underlying theory of the martial arts. With all their physicality and attention to discipline, it is no surprise that martial arts lessons can lead to helping you lose weight and even maintain your desired weight.

Intensity and Length of Practice

Taking martial arts lessons is a great way that you will be able to experience the reason why this practice can help you lose weight. Take any martial arts lesson and be subjected to typically about an hour or so of intense physical movement. All this intensity winds up having a positive effect as it relates to actually burning off calories. The amount of intensity in any standard martial arts lesson is such that your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) begins to increase and, consequently, you begin shedding pounds as you burn off more fat. BMR is a good baseline for measuring how much energy in the form of calories your body uses up by just resting and doing nothing.

Martial Arts Lessons as a Motivator

Practicing martial arts leads to weight loss for another reason aside from all the calories you're burning off. Martial arts builds character in the form of teaching you about discipline, setting goals, and then using motivation and personal commitment to achieve those goals. This frame of mind that martial arts drills into students is utterly invaluable in helping people foster a mental attitude that makes it likely that they will lose weight. Martial arts lessons teach you to stick with your set of movements until you have the correct form down pat. This kind of mental focus and discipline can easily be carried over into forming the mental toughness you need to push yourself to stick with a weight loss plan.

Hard Martial Arts

Most persons probably have no clue that the martial arts are actually divided into two kinds, which are broad categories: soft martial arts and hard martial arts. If you want to take martial arts lessons, look into taking the hard martial arts like ITF Taekwon Do, because their tendency to get you to lose weight is greater than soft martial arts, which generally focus more on the low-impact redirection of energy (aikido is an example). Because of the greater intensity in the strikes and kicks of hard martial arts, you will be subjecting your body to more aggressive movements. This results in a greater intensity and more calorie burning.

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