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Is Your Job Making You a Lazy Individual?

Is your job the main reason for your inactivity? Maybe your job requires you to sit constantly. In some demanding work situations, regular breaks are not possible. This may be especially true if you are your own boss and do not schedule regular breaks for yourself. Working too many hours in a low activity job can increase fatigue and reduce your motivation to lead an active lifestyle.

Examining Your Work Situation

It may be that you are not a lazy person at all and that your job is making it impossible to be more active. Take a close look at your work situation. How many hours a day do you spend working? Are you being as productive as you can in those hours? See if you can focus more closely and complete your work faster so that you can eliminate an excessive number of sedentary hours from your daily life.

Exercising before Work

Exercising early in the morning before work will help to energize you. If possible, wake up a half hour earlier every day and make it a point to jog in your neighborhood, put in a workout video or run up and down the steps of your building. You might find when you do this that your mind is clearer and your mood is elevated. This often helps to be more productive at work. If your work environment has stairs, use them instead of the elevator. Maybe organize a stair climbing activity for yourself and your co-workers during breaks. If your workplace has free space, consider coordinating a company exercise class, either during lunch break or after work.

Work Boredom and Inactivity

In some work situations, boredom causes inactivity. If you dread your work, it may be affecting your desire to be physically active. People are less apt to exercise and engage in fitness activities when they are bored, sad or lonely. If it is not possible to switch to another job that you find stimulating, try to focus on the aspects of your job that you find rewarding.

For example, if you work in customer service, notice each time that you're able to resolve a conflict and help someone. If you take care of children, rejoice in your ability to teach them new words and skills. If you cook for people, try to perfect your recipes and make your food more and more delicious each time. When you focus on ways that your work is a service to others, it can be motivating and energizing. Happier people tend to be more active in life.

If it's clear to you that it is your job that's causing the inactivity in your life, do something about it. Make some changes that will energize you. Wake up earlier to exercise. Take the stairs and take regular breaks. Be more productive at work so that you don't have to sit down as much. Try to find ways in your specific work situation to be more active.

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