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Is Working Too Much Compromising Your Workout Routine?

Working too much can lead to a shorter workout routine, or skipping exercise altogether. Busy lifestyles can be demanding and, often, exercise is one of the first activities to go by the wayside. Prioritizing your workout routine is important and will lead to optimal health and a better quality of life.

Work Demands and Missed Workout Routines

If you live a demanding life, you may be finding that you simply do not have enough time for exercise at the end of your day. Maybe you have every intention of hitting the gym after work, but work projects take longer than expected to complete. Perhaps on many days you work so long and hard that you simply don't have the energy to keep a commitment to your workout routine.

The cycle of working too much, skipping exercise and feeling fatigued is a common one. Sometimes, there are not enough hours in the day. On top of that, if your work causes you a great deal of stress, you may be finding that you'd rather go home and rest in front of the TV than exercise. The vicious cycle of working and sitting in order to de-stress, particularly in activities such as surfing the web or watching TV, is problematic. It leads to a sedentary lifestyle of storing extra calories and carrying a great deal of stress in your body. To change this pattern, you have to make some conscious adjustments.

Using Your Workout Routine to Combat Work Stress

One of the advantages of exercise is that it helps to reduce your stress. If you're working too much, depending on the nature of your job, you are very likely carrying tension in your muscles. If you work in an office where you are sitting all day, you may be dealing with muscle fatigue in your lower back. Office work is also notorious for causing neck and shoulder soreness and wrist strain.

One of the best ways to combat this type of muscular fatigue is by staying consistent with your workout routine. Warming up your body will increase your circulation. A cardiovascular workout will help to energize you. Stretching will alleviate the tension you may be carrying in your body. Weight lifting and toning exercises will strengthen your body, giving you more endurance through your long work days.

Fitting Your Workout Routine into Your Day

It may be that when you get involved with work, you simply cannot stop. There is too much to do and your workout routine does not come to mind. One way to combat this is to work out first thing in the morning. Set your alarm clock to wake up a half hour to 45 minutes earlier every day. When you exercise early in the morning, you will often feel more energized throughout your day. You may even find that morning exercise brings a greater level of mental clarity; this extra level of alertness can, in itself, help you to complete your work projects more quickly, leaving more time in your day for activities you enjoy.

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