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How to Get Thin and Still Eat for Pleasure

With more and more people becoming overweight each year, dieting to get thin has become the norm. But how can you diet and still eat the foods that you love? While you may not necessarily be able to eat the same exact foods, you can make healthy, tasty substitutions that will help you maintain your health and extend your life. Be sure to choose lean meats, healthy sweets, whole grains and experiment with a variety of different types of spices.

Choose Lean Meats

One of the most important ways that you can get thin and still eat for pleasure is by choosing lean meats. Great examples of lean meats include things like chicken breast, roast turkey and fresh fish. These foods will provide you with the protein you need to maintain your muscle mass, thereby aiding in calorie burn, but also contain relatively low amounts of fat. If for some reason you can't find a lean piece of meat, the cooking method of a fattier cut can help to remove some of the excess calories. For example, grilling meats allows that excess fat to heat up and drip from the meat to the bottom of the grill, thereby significantly decreasing the fat and calorie content.

Choose Healthy Sweets

Choose healthy sweets in order to get thin and still eat for pleasure. A sweet tooth can often be hard to ignore, but by choosing fresh fruits, you can significantly lower the number of calories you are consuming. Remember that it may not be so bad to splurge from time to time. Research has found that when craving a food, it is better to eat a small amount in order to satiate the craving than to try to ignore it. Ignoring the craving can often lead to binging on other foods, causing a higher calorie intake than if you had simply eaten the cake, ice cream or cookies that you had originally been craving.

Eat Whole Grains

Eating whole grains is another easy way that you can get thin while still eating for pleasure. While breads, pastas and other foods that are rich in whole grain are not necessarily any lower in calorie content that their white counterparts, the whole grains in the foods can significantly lower future calorie consumption. This is due to the fact that whole grains contain fiber, which is slow digesting and therefore takes a long time to leave the stomach and enter the digestive tract. This means that after eating fiber-rich foods, you will feel full, and won't be tempted to snack in between meals.

Experiment with Spices

Be sure to experiment with a number of different spices in order to create tasty, healthy and nutritious meals. Spices are not only typically free from calories, but they also can significantly alter the taste of your food. Spices also are loaded with their own vitamins and minerals, and therefore can make a great addition to any diet.

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