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How to do the Barbell Trunk Twist

The barbell trunk twist is one form of exercise that you can perform with your barbell, which is a piece of equipment that you can use in powerlifting, weightlifting and just regular weight training. The length of a barbell is typically anywhere from four to seven feet, and its center is around one inch in width and contains a crosshatch pattern that features knurling. This is included in the barbell to give the weightlifter a better grip. The barbell trunk twist is a great workout to pursue if you want to work out your abdominal muscles. Even people who are just beginners at this type of exercise can do this workout for the abdominals without much difficulty.

1. Start out Properly

The position for the barbell trunk twist is assumed when you take a seat on the flat end of a bench and make sure that your barbell is positioned right on top of your thighs. Before you begin the barbell trunk twist, also ensure that your feet are spaced shoulder-width apart from each other. Next, grip the barbell with both of your palms facing downwards; also make certain that your hands are placed more than shoulder-width apart from each other.

2. Go into the Lift

Before you can do the barbell trunk twist, you have to raise the barbell onto your shoulders. To accomplish this, simply lift the barbell up over your head until both of your arms are fully extended; do not worry about form at this point. Finally, bring down the barbell behind your head until you have it safely resting at the base of your neck. From this position, you will finally begin the trunk twist.

3. Ensure Proper Motion

Motion is very important to the barbell trunk twist because the whole exercise is based on how you move your torso. Try to keep both your head and feet motionless, however, make sure that you move your waist in such a fashion so that your oblique muscles get the benefit of feeling the contraction from this exercise. You are moving your waist in a twisting motion from side to side. As with all workouts related to weight training, be sure not to push yourself unreasonably hard. If you feel that your natural motion has come to an end, don't push yourself farther than what your waist will allow. Going beyond this natural stopping point is likely to heighten your risk for injury. Thus, use only a controlled and a slow motion in this barbell trunk twist.

4. Ensure Proper Breathing

Many weight training exercises use breathing exercises to accompany your workout, and the barbell trunk twist is no exception. As you do the motions, you must remember to breathe out when you turn your entire body to the side, and then, conversely, you must remember again to do the opposite and breathe in when moving your body back to its starting position for the completion of one full repetition.

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