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How to Do the Ball Rotation on an Exercise Ball

For an easy and effective workout to keep your abdominal area and waistline in shape, do a simple ball rotation using an exercise ball.

Choosing the Ball Size

Consider your height in choosing the right size of your ball. The general rule is: the taller you are, the larger the ball should be to accommodate your body. To make sure that you have chosen the right ball size, try to see if: (1) you can sit on top of the ball to make a 90-degree angle with your knees bent and your feet flat on the ground; and (2) you can lie down on top of the ball, making sure that your back is fully supported. If you are a beginner in using an exercise ball or you want to start a new routine, use an underinflated ball, as this would require you to exert less effort. You can fully inflate it later to maximize your body workout.

Starting Position

To begin with the ball rotation, sit on the exercise ball and slowly lie down on it arching your back. In this position, your head and shoulders should be extending from the ball. With both feet on the ground, knees bent and beyond shoulder-width apart, position and balance yourself in the center of the ball. Make sure that you are comfortable in that position.


You might think that in this particular exercise, you will rotate the ball, as the name may suggest. Instead, you are the one who is going to rotate while you are lying on top of the ball. To do so, raise your arms up so that they are right in front of you, then slowly turn or rotate your torso sideways. Make sure that you also work your abdomen as you turn because you will concentrate on that area. Raise your arms back up and turn the other way. Hold your position for five counts for every turn.

This may look difficult at first, but gradually you will see improvements as you go on. You can feel that burning sensation in your abdominal area telling you that you are working on that part. This is a good and simple way to keep that sexy curve in your waistline and to help you keep that flab away.

You can also add weights as you perform this workout. For example, you can hold dumbbells in both hands while you raise your arms up as you rotate on top of the ball. In doing this exercise, however, you have to have patience as you cannot achieve what you want in just one day of working out. Exercise works best when you keep doing it gradually. The more often you do this, the greater the chances you have to achieve a beautiful body. Exercise, however, does not work alone. Proper diet, good health habits, discipline and a good disposition in life can also help you achieve that healthy and sexy body everyone wants to have.

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