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How To Do Deadbugs with a Stability Ball

The stability ball, or exercise ball, is a piece of equipment that is generally made out of soft polyvinyl chloride. Deadbugs are a form of exercise that encourage the participant to learn how to move his arms and legs independent of his spine. Deadbugs with a stability ball target the core muscles, which are the muscles of your abdominals as well as your lower back. By combining the two, you can take your workout up to a whole other level. You will still be exercising your core muscles, but by doing deadbugs with a stability ball, you will get the added benefit of toning your abdominal muscles, too.

In this how-to process, you need a stability ball, workout clothes and a way to secure yourself in place (commonly, an object which has a bar or something that you can grasp with your hands.)

1. Get into the Right Starting Position

Before you assume the starting position, be extra careful by checking your stability ball for any possible holes or scratches that could weaken it. Also find a fixed object that you can anchor your whole upper body to. If you don't find such a fixed object, there is a very real chance that you could fall off the stability ball and injure yourself. With the stability ball firmly in place and your upper body anchored by way of holding onto a fixed object, you should lie with your back as flat as possible on the stability ball. Next, using your legs, bring your feet up and take great care to ensure that your hips are at 90 degree angles.

2. Use the Proper Form

The deadbugs performed with the use of a stability ball are classified as an isometric exercise, which signifies that it is a resistance exercise whose purpose is to increase strength. In this case, this means that you just hold your muscles in one position. After you bring your feet up so that your hips are at a 90 degree right angle, you just hold this position for about 10 to 60 seconds, depending on a few factors such as your own personal level of fitness and your familiarity with this exercise. After the period of 10 to 60 seconds, you simply bring your legs and feet down again from your hips' 90 degree angle position. With your feet on the floor again, you can take this time to rest your abdominals.

3. Intensify Your Exercise

Since deadbugs with a stability ball are an exercise that will train you for more sophisticated ones using it, you can intensify your workout after you get the hang of the above instructions. When you feel comfortable doing them, move on to something called the marching stomach exercise, which has you basically raising and lowering only one leg at a time while doing everything else the same.

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