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How To Do Deadbugs on Bench

Deadbugs on a bench are exercises that take the original concept of deadbugs to a slightly more complicated level, and a level that requires the use of more exercise equipment. This is an intermediate kind of exercise that also targets your lower abs along with your upper abs. This workout requires the use of a stability ball in addition to your repetitions in the deadbugs position.

A good way to approach this intermediate workout is by practicing deadbugs all by themselves, without the ball, so that you get the hang of things and can launch into deadbugs on a bench with no issues. The purpose of deadbugs on a bench is to teach you about coordination and balance, both of which will be improved as a result of this workout. In this how-to process, you will need a stability ball, a weight bench, exercise clothes and space around you.

1. Get into the Right Position

Start out in this exercise by grabbing your stability ball and checking to see if it has any holes or punctures that can weaken it. Take said stability ball over to your weight bench, and lie down flat on your back, making sure to hold onto your stability ball. Position your stability ball in such a way that it is firmly in between your arms and your legs. You will support the ball by raising and extending both your arms and your legs so that the ball is being held in place by them. Keep your back straight on the bench throughout all this, though your head should be raised a bit to accommodate the rest of your body position.

2. Begin the Exercise

From the position where you are supporting the stability ball in between your raised arms and legs, slowly and gradually lower one opposing arm and one opposing leg down to the weight bench. As you do this gradual motion, be careful to exhale. Proper breathing such as this exhalation is essential in this exercise as it will keep you from getting injured. Proper breathing relaxes you and will make you less likely to pull something or strain something during your repetitions. As you lower your opposing leg and arm, you are sure to feel your core muscles in your abs really getting a workout. This is the engagement of your core muscles, and it is the whole point of this exercise.

3. Repeat on the Other Side

Raise the opposing leg and opposing arm back up to their original position. As you do this, take care again to foster proper breathing by inhaling with this action. Once they are at their original position, alternate your repetition to the other side. This time, gradually and slowly bring down the arm and the leg that stayed raised and extended during the prior repetition. Once more, look out for your breathing as you want to exhale this time also.

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