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How to Do Burpee Jump Up on a Bench

The burpee is an exercise for the whole body that is part of strength training and used for aerobics; it is credited to the American psychologist of the 1930s, Royal H. Burpee, for either inventing it or popularizing it. Generally, most burpee exercises take only a few steps to perform. The burpee is a very versatile exercise, and this is proved in the high number of variations of it that exist.

You are advised to take caution, especially if you are new to the burpee exercise, because of the risk of back, knee and ankle problems. Thus, you are advised to start with shorter exercise durations and then gradually build up to longer sessions.

In this how-to process, you will need exercise clothes, enough space around you and a bench.

Get Yourself into Position

Choose a bench that has enough space around it for you to successfully complete a burpee exercise. Also ensure that it is not too high so that you can jump onto it from a standing position. Place yourself a few feet from the bench in a standing position. Take caution to make sure that you do not hit your head on the aforementioned bench as you go into the upcoming downward motion for this burpee exercise.

Drop Your Body into the Squat Position

At this stage, you want to drop your body down into a squat position that sees your hands on the ground right in front of you. Next, while remaining in this squat position with your hands on the ground in front of you, use your legs to kick your feet back, shifting your weight to your hands more. In one, continuous motion, you should also be able to lower your upper body into a pushup position. Prepare yourself to incorporate the aforementioned bench into your burpee exercise.

Jump up on the Bench

The bench that you carefully selected for this burpee exercise before you got into the starting position now comes into play. At this juncture, if you were doing a regular, basic burpee, you would return your legs and feet to the squat position. You would then, in one, fluid motion, push up with your arms in order to propel yourself upwards. Taking advantage of this upward momentum, you would finish the exercise by jumping up as high as possible from the squat position.

For this burpee exercise that requires you to jump up on a bench, you are going to have to modify the aforementioned instructions. As you return your legs and feet to the previous squat position and use your arms to push yourself upwards, jump up onto the bench instead of simply jumping up as high as you can jump in the air. Once you have jumped up on the bench, do not stay on it for longer than a second as the whole point of this exercise is to quickly jump back down to the ground.

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