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How to Do Bosu Side Plank Hip Raises

The Bosu ball is a single piece of fitness equipment that can be utilized for a number of different exercises. A Bosu (Both Side Utility) ball has one flat side and one rounded side. It can be used either way depending on the moves and level of difficulty you're looking for. Some of the best exercises you can use the ball for include variations of the plank. The side plank hip raise is a pretty advanced move, but with variations you will be feeling stronger by the end of your first workout.

Things You Need:

  • Bosu ball
  • Yoga mat (optional)

Step 1: Position Your Bosu Ball: Roll out your yoga mat in a place that allows you room to spread out horizontally. Place your Bosu ball on one end of the mat, ball side up. The mat is to help keep the ball and your feet from slipping. You may not need to use the mat, depending on the flooring you have.

Step 2: Get Into Position: Place your left elbow on the Bosu ball. Extend your feet straight out from your body and place your right foot in front of your left foot. This will cause your ankles to cross slightly. Keep your hips pointed forward. Do not twist at all. Place your right hand on your waist on the right side of your body.

Step 3: Complete Your First Reps: From your starting position, pull your hips up as far as you can, then drop them down to just above the ground. Your legs should remain straight out from your body (with the exception of your crossed ankles) without your knees locking.

Step 4: Finish Your Sets: Complete 10-12 hip raises for one set. Complete 3 sets of 10-12 reps for a complete workout. This can be adjust to fit your fitness level and physical needs. As you build strength you can add more reps or sets.

Step 5: Switch & Repeat: Switch to your right side and get into the proper position and complete the same number of reps on the other side.

Make it Harder

  • If you have good balance on the ball you can also raise to your hand, instead of your elbow.
  • Turn the Bosu ball over and place your hand or elbow on the platform when getting into position.

Make it Easier

  • To make this move a bit easier, put your bottom knee on the ground and keep your top leg out.


With any exercise movements you need to ensure you have proper form to avoid injury. It's also recommended you wear fitness shoes, even when working out at home, to keep your ankles, feet and toes stabilized.

Whether you're new to the Bosu ball or an avid fan, the side plank hip raises will keep you working and burning the core fat you want. If you need help with the Bosu ball in any way, speak with a fitness instructor for assistance.

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