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How to Do Bosu Mountain Climbers

Bosu mountain climbers are a great exercise that incorporates cardiovascular and strength training benefits. While the basic form of this exercise may be difficult enough for you initially, be sure to increase both the speed and amount of the time that the exercise is performed in order to maintain progress as it becomes more and more easy.

About Bosu Mountain Climbers

Bosu mountain climbers are a great exercise that can be included in any workout, regardless if your goals consist of increased strength, weight loss or cardiovascular fitness. This exercise strengthens muscles in the hamstrings and gluteous muscles, as well as the muscles of the lower back and abdominals. In addition, the cardiovascular aspect of this exercise can help in the achievement of weight loss goals, and may also be helpful in the treatment and prevention of heart disease, stroke and some types of cancer.

Positioning Your Body for Bosu Mountain Climbers

In order to perform Bosu mountain climbers properly, it is essential that you position your body properly before starting. For best results, start by placing a Bosu flat on the floor in a clean spot, with the blue side of the Bosu facing the ceiling. Start by coming onto all fours, with your hands placed firmly on the outer edge of the Bosu and your knees flat on the floor. Make sure that your hands are directly under your shoulders and your knees are under your hips.

Performing Bosu Mountain Climbers

Now that you're positioned properly, you can begin to perform the mountain climbers. Start by taking a deep breath and lifting your knees off the ground. You should now be in a push up position, with only your hands and feet in contact with the Bosu or ground. Carefully lift the left foot off the ground, and bring the left knee toward the left elbow. Carefully set it back on the ground in the original position. Now, lift the right foot off the ground, and bring the right knee to the right elbow. Continue alternating between feet, performing the exercise for at least 30 seconds before taking a short break.

Increasing the Intensity of Bosu Mountain Climbers

One of the best ways to increase the intensity of Bosu mountain climbers is by increasing the speed at which they're performed. The faster you do the Bosu mountain climbers, the higher your heart rate will get, thereby greatly intensifying the exercise. In addition, increasing the amount of time spent performing the Bosu mountain climbers will not only give you a greater cardiovascular workout, but will also help to fatigue the working muscles to a greater degree, thereby providing a better workout for you.

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