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How to Do Bosu Burpee Jump-Ups

The Bosu ball is a necessity if you want to be able to successfully complete the Bosu burpee jump-ups. The Bosu burpee jump-ups are a type of exercise that combine the piece of exercise equipment known as the Bosu ball together with the tried, tested and true exercise called the burpee. Together, Bosu burpee jump-ups target you core muscles (muscles in your back as well as your abdominal muscles) and provide an exercise that is more challenging than a simple burpee by itself.

A benefit of this type of exercise, that combines the versatility of a Bosu ball with traditional burpees, is that it is easier on your knees than if you just did regular burpees. This is particularly welcome news for people who have endured knee surgery and need to take it easy on their knees.

In this how-to process, you require workout clothes, a Bosu ball, a good deal of space and determination.

Set up Properly

This first step entails that you arrange your Bosu ball on the floor correctly. Choose a place where you will have free range of motion and no one near you to interfere with your exercise, as Bosu burpee jump-ups require a good deal of personal space. Take your Bosu ball and place it on the floor with its dome-side facing down; then, stand facing it. Bring your body down into the squat position in such a way that you are leaning forward onto the Bosu ball while grabbing both sides of it. Also make certain that both of your feet are placed a shoulder's width apart.

Kick Your Legs and Feet Out

Now, kick your legs and feet out behind you so that you begin to assume the plank position while still grabbing the sides of the Bosu ball. Next, straighten out both of your arms before you finally go into a pushup position. Instead of doing a pushup, though, return your feet to the original squat position in short order.

Jump Up

This step is where you finally get to do the namesake of this Bosu ball exercise. From the squat position that you have returned to, leap up with as much energy as possible and as high as you can muster. Using your arms, push yourself up from the squat position, and follow through on the motion by also releasing the grip that your hands have on both sides of the Bosu ball. As you jump up, be sure to also extend your arms over your head or even clasp your hands together.

Intensify Difficulty

If after several repetitions you have gotten the basics of the Bosu burpee jump-ups, then you can intensify their difficulty. Instead of just jumping up at the end of your exercise, try jumping up from the squat position while still grabbing the sides of your Bosu ball. This will result in you actually having to coordinate your movement so that you end up lifting the actual Bosu ball up above your head at the end of your repetition.

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