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How to do Beach Ab Crunches

Beach ab crunches are essential for you to master if you want great abs for the summer season that you can show off on the beach. Beach ab crunches work the rectus abdominis, otherwise known as the "six pack" area of your stomach. Beach ab crunches are seen as a fundamental type of abdominal exercise, and this type of basic ab exercise has to be mastered before you even think about moving on to more difficult ab exercises. This form of exercise is merely part of a broader regimen that should also include healthy eating like avoiding fatty and fried foods and focusing on eating more lean meats and natural foods like fruits and vegetables.

In this how-to process, you will need exercise clothes, a mat or towel on the ground, and the right mental attitude.

1. Lie in the Proper Position

So many people ruin the benefits they can get from doing exercise by assuming the wrong form when they start the exercise. For beach ab crunches, it is best if you put down a mat or a towel of some kind on the ground to give yourself a more comfortable surface on which to do your crunches. With your mat or towel in place, lie on top of it with your knees bent and both of your feet planted firmly on the ground. Make certain that your feet are approximately a hip's width apart. As far as where your hands and arms go, there are two variations that you can choose. You can either cross your arms across your chest, or you can position them behind your ears in a very light manner.

2. Do the Actual Crunch

Start the beach ab crunch by making sure to focus on your abdomen. As you focus, be sure to incorporate proper breathing into your exercise by exhaling and then raising your upper body off of the ground until your shoulder blades are elevated. At this juncture, you want to squeeze your abdominal muscles so that your midsection feels the actual "crunch" of your exercise. Hold this posture for a few seconds and then inhale as you lower your upper body to the point where your shoulder blades are again touching the ground. When you do the crunch movement, watch out that you are not tucking your chin into your chest, as this would defeat the whole purpose of the crunch.

3. Intensify Your Crunch

To add more challenge to your beach ab crunches, you can simply add a few variations to the simple ab crunch described above. In example, you can add some weights that you can hold in your hands as you do the crunches, or you can even raise and then hold your legs in the air as you do the beach ab crunches for more strain. As always, be sure to watch your form and not speed through the crunches if you want the proper results and benefits from this exercise.

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