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How to do Alternating Toe Taps on a Medicine Ball

Alternating toe taps on a medicine ball is a great, unique way to include cardiovascular exercise in your workout. When starting this exercise, aim for a goal of performing the toe taps for 30 seconds. When this becomes too easy, you can intensify the workout by increasing your time or adding ankle weights.

About Alternating Toe Taps on a Medicine Ball

Alternating toe taps on a medicine ball is a great form of cardiovascular exercise. Cardiovascular exercise has not only been found to be helpful if you're interested in weight loss, but can also help in the treatment and prevention of a number of chronic conditions including cardiovascular disease, stroke and some cancers. This is a great exercise that can be performed if you're sick of other basic types of cardiovascular exercise, such as jogging or biking.

Positioning Your Body

This is a relatively simple exercise to perform and does not require a whole lot of setup. However, it is important that you find an area that is free from clutter in order to prevent injury to yourself and others. Once you've found a great spot to perform the alternating toe taps, locate a medicine ball and place it in the center of the cleared space. The size of the medicine ball depends on your current cardiovascular status and the intensity of the exercise you're striving for. The large the ball, the higher you will have to lift your legs, and therefore the more difficult the exercise will be. For best results, start with the smallest medicine ball. If this is too easy, you can always work your way up to a larger sized ball.

Performing Alternating Toe Taps on a Medicine Ball

When performing the alternating toe taps on the medicine ball, start by standing tall near the ball. Take a few deep breaths. Lift one foot off the ground, and use it to touch the top of the ball. Set this foot back down on the ground, and now lift the other foot and use it to touch the top of the ball. Start slowly at first, and gradually increase the speed at which you lift and lower your feet until you are hopping back and forth in place, lightly touching the top of the ball with your foot. Unlike other types of exercise which require you to perform a specific maneuver a number of times in a row, cardiovascular exercises focuses more on time, and not repetition. Aim to perform the alternating toe taps for 30 seconds, and then take a short break before doing the exercise again.

Increasing the Intensity

One of the easiest ways that you can increase the intensity of the alternating toe taps is simply by increasing the amount of time spent doing them. As discussed above, start by doing the exercise for 30 seconds. When this becomes too easy, increase your time by 15 seconds. If you are doing two to three minutes of toe taps and still aren't breaking a sweat, try attaching ankle weights to your body. This will increase the weight that your muscles must work against, thereby increasing the intensity even more.

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